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Get up to speed up on Florida State recruiting

Can Florida State move up from its current No. 8 position?

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith are back with another episode of The Nolecast. Since the Boston College game was so boring, they engaged in an hour’s worth of recruiting chat. The goal here is to appeal to both the person who almost never pays attention to recruiting, all the way to the folks who follow it weekly.

Florida State is currently 8th nationally in recruiting, per the 247Sports Composite, with 14 commitments. Most of the commitments seem quite solid. That is behind Clemson, but ahead of Miami and Florida. FSU’s recruiting is down this year, but not down much from where it has been over the last four years.

Where is FSU doing a good job? Where does it need to add talent? Where is it likely to do so, and where is the available talent not up to the usual standard?

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