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Nolecast: FSU recruiting update

Let’s get the latest on FSU’s defensive recruiting.

Stanford Samuels III

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of The Nolecast. In this episode, we provide a brief rundown of recent happenings on the offensive side of the football, but most of the focus is on defense. This was recorded Monday morning.

Players covered include:

DE: Josh Kaindoh EE, Jarez Parks, Tyler Johnson (Arizona kid), Jordan Wright, Markeviest Bryant, Owen Carney, and Markell Winters.

DT: Ja’Len Parks and Corey Durden, Marvin Wilson, Dalyn Wade-Perry, Aubrey Solomon, Neil Farrell, and Jordon Scott.

LB: Will Sh’Mar Kilby-Lane be eligible? Will Matthew Thomas go pro? DeMarco Artis (Jack), DeCalon Brooks (money), Leonard Warner, JUCO Adonis Thomas, and Levi Jones. We also discuss the need to expand the offer board, potentially.

CB:, Stanford Samuels III (EE), Jeffrey Okudah (Bud thinks he is all OSU)

S: Daniel Wright, Cyrus Fagan E(E), Maleik Gray (visit in January), Hamsah Nasirildeen, Dorian Hall (backup plan).

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