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Cam Akers explains why he chose Florida State

In his own words, why it was FSU for the 5-star.

Cam Akers

Tuesday night, Florida State went into Clinton (Miss.) and beat out Ole Miss and about 50 other schools to sign five-star recruit Cam Akers, one of the best running back recruits it has ever signed.

After, Akers explained his decision on live TV. The following is a rough transcription.

It was the best situation for me and my family. Didn’t want to go too far from home, but the situation fit me well.

Cam Akers credits coaches Jimbo Fisher, Tim Brewster (tight ends) and Jay Graham (running backs) for signing him.

Florida State made no promises to Akers about playing time, he said, but with Dalvin Cook leaving, he knows the starting spot is open. Akers’ skillset is very close to that of Cook, though he is bigger at the same age.

Akers says he made up his mind about three weeks ago, but didn’t really know his final decision until Monday or Tuesday.

Akers said he worked hard to put his team first and win a state title, then focus on recruiting. He said he did not let it become a distraction.

“I just give the glory to God, and am happy my parents don’t have to pay for me to go to college.”