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FSU National Signing Day recruit predictions

How confident should FSU fans be in a great close?

FSU’s top remaining target

Florida State already has a great recruiting class, with seven early enrollees, three five-stars, seven four-stars, and a number of high-upside three-stars.

You can follow all of the happenings of Tribe17 with our Florida State Seminoles recruiting stream. Monday, we dropped scouting reports of all of FSU’s early enrolles, including Cam Akers, Josh Kaindoh, and Stanford Samuels III. More will come Tuesday and Wednesday.

Keep in mind that there are no bonus points for landing a commitment on Signing Day, as opposed to one who says yes in October. If FSU lands just two of its remaining targets, this class is still a home run. If it really cleans up, it would be grand slam territory.

But, many have asked not only for National Signing Day 2017 predictions, but also for how sure I am in making them. I do not like throwing percentages on the decisions of 18-year olds. I’ll just give my thoughts, and if I get more info late Tuesday, I’ll add to this and update the timestamp.

Marvin Wilson, 5-star, DT, Bellaire (Texas) Episcopal

Both FSU and LSU seem confident here. But, as far as I am aware, Wilson has not given a definite commitment to either staff. My thoughts on Wilson are completely unchanged from last Wednesday. FSU has run essentially a perfect recruitment.

This is the silly season, and if you want to read a lot into Wilson’s brother looking happier in the photo with LSU’s coaches than FSU’s, go right ahead, I guess. I might buy into that if it was Wilson, as opposed to his brother.

I would not be at all surprised if Marvin Wilson throws on an FSU hat Wednesday.

Henry Ruggs III, 4-star, WR, Montgomery (Ala.) Lee

Is Alabama scared? Monday I wrote this.

The reason Alabama needs to hire a new coach is that its current receivers coach Billy Napier is leaving to become the new offensive coordinator at Arizona State.

“This could have significant recruiting ramifications for Alabama, but also for Florida State, who is recruiting against the Tide for two top receiver prospects in Henry Ruggs, and Devonta Smith. While Napier was not the lead recruiter for either prospect, he was certainly involved, and FSU will take any advantage it can get.”

Our FSU sources have believed they were much more in the race for Ruggs, specifically, than some of the national recruiting media believes. And his future position coaching leaving can only help FSU’s spot. While Alabama might still be the favorite, it is very interesting that Sunday Alabama extended an offer to Ruggs’ younger brother Kevontae’, a linebacker in the 2018 class. This is his first offer.

It is entirely possible that Alabama likes the younger brother enough to give him a scholarship offer. Alabama has an enormous scouting staff, and is often the first to offer young players.

It’s also possible that it is a sign that the Tide feel a bit of weakness with their position for the No. 1 receiver left on their board. Whether FSU offers remains to be seen.

The younger Ruggs claims 60 solo tackles, 32 assisted tackles, six tackles for loss and two interceptions.

FSU thinks it can get Ruggs. Many Alabama writers, while sticking with their Tide predictions, are now saying things like “FSU has made this a serious battle,” and “Despite this, we still think Alabama gets Ruggs.”

There is no prize for second place in recruiting. If FSU gets Ruggs, I think I’d classify it as a surprise, but not a shock.

Devonta Smith, 4-star, WR, Amite (La.)

The latest on Smith is that he did not make his official visit to Miami. Alabama still expects to get him. LSU folks are getting a bit more excited. FSU has done a good job in his recruitment thanks to coach Randy Sanders.

Now, the interesting thing to watch on Devonta Smith, is that he has pushed back his announcement time, from 10 ET to 3 ET. Is he waiting to see who Alabama, FSU, and LSU sign?

I think FSU has a better chance with Ruggs than Smith. I give FSU zero shot to sign both, Alabama some shot to sign both, and believe there is a decent shot FSU signs one of the two.

Neil Farrell, 3-star, DT, Mobile (Ala.) Murphy, LSU commit

Florida State did a good job with Farrell’s visit this weekend, and sources inside the program feel good about their chance to flip him. Meanwhile, LSU writers are not adamant that he will stick with the Tigers, and that has been an overconfident media group this recruiting cycle.

I’ll would not be at all surprised if FSU pulls off the flip.

B.J. Thompson, 3-star, DE, England (Ark)

Thompson announcing later in the day may be to FSU’s advantage. If FSU were to miss on some targets, it may have a spot open up for the 6’7, raw edge rusher. I think this is a space issue. I do not think he would pick Baylor over FSU, all things being equal.

Leonard Warner, 4-star, LB, Snellville (Ga.) Brookwood

Georgia does not have space. No Stanford writer I could find believes Stanford will be the pick (if Warner did even get accepted into Stanford, which I do not know). For that reason, I’d be very surprised if FSU is not the pick.

Levi Jones, 4-star, LB, Austin (Texas) Westlake

I reached out to some Florida sources yesterday. None think Jones is picking the Gators. That leaves FSU and USC. USC and FSU are very different places, and Jones said very positive things about both. Does he want the big city life, or the small town life?

I still think FSU will get Jones. I’d classify my reaction if FSU does not get him as surprised, but not shocked.

Jarez Parks, 4-star, DE, Sebastian River (Fla.)

It seems that both Alabama and FSU may have a space issue when it comes to Parks. I’ll be interested to see if they send him a LOI. Florida may end up having room, which is interesting because a couple months ago I was told he was not in the plans in Gainesville.

If FSU adds just two or fewer of the above signees, I’ll be shocked.

If FSU adds three, I won’t be surprised.

If FSU adds four, I’ll be surprised.

If FSU adds five or more, I’ll be shocked.

And I believe my reactions will mirror those of the staff.