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Houston Griffith says he is still committed to Florida State

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The 4-star DB says a teammate tweeted the commitment to Notre Dame from his phone.

Houston Griffith

Four-star defensive back Houston Griffith, of IMG Academy by way of Chicago, says he did not tweet the graphic that came from his Twitter account over the weekend.

The image was quickly deleted after causing a brief stir among people following recruiting on a Friday night, which isn’t that many.

“My teammates had my phone,” Griffith said of the alleged prank. “We all like to joke around, and we did it to each other back in the spring.”

Griffith claims to still be committed to Florida State.

“I am currently a Florida State commitment,” he said.

But what about Notre Dame?

“Notre Dame is in contact with me.”

I asked Griffith if his recruitment would be altered if Florida State makes a change with defensive coordinator Charles Kelly, who would also be Griffith’s position coach.

“No, I committed to a school, not a coach. Coaches change,” he said.

Does Griffith have plans to get back to Notre Dame, or have some sort of “final decision” ceremony?

“I’m committed to Florida State, that’s all I’m going to say about that.”


It was tough to get much from Griffith. He’s a smart player from an NFL family, who understands how to play the media game.

With a decade of doing this, I can tell you that sometimes teammates do grab phones and tweet out funny or embarrassing things, so his story might be true. But even giving the benefit of the doubt, where did that photo come from? It looks like a promotional graphic a school sends to a prospect, so it’s very possible that it was already on his phone and easily accessible to tweet.

I do believe Griffith genuinely likes Florida State, both the program and the campus. But if he flips to Notre Dame, a school closer to home that is having a much better season, it would not surprise me at all.

Griffith is one of only eight four-star commitments for Florida State. He is determined to sign and enroll early, so we’ll know whether he sticks with the Seminoles or flips to Notre Dame in the next five weeks with the new Early Signing Day approaching.