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Nolecast: Jimbo Fisher’s message, Dameyune Craig returns

Discussing all things FSU football.

The latest edition of The Nolecast opens with a discussion of Jimbo Fisher’s tone in his opening press conference of the spring football season. Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith discuss the focus on effort discuss, and the reserved tone from coach Jimbo Fisher.

This makes sense. Fisher last year got burned after being extremely confident in his squad. This time around he did not speak in as glowing terms, but did focus a lot on players giving championship-caliber effort. Curiously, much less was said about the staff.

Will the orange jerseys work as intended? Or do players who don’t care about being great, but rather just want the benefits that come with being a player of the team not really give a damn?

Then the discussion moves to coach Dameyune Craig, or should we say analyst Craig.

Is this a good move for FSU? How will he impact the program this time around?

How was he available? What are the chances this is a permanent move?