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Nolecast: Florida State recruiting from Under Armour All-America week

FSU has six commitments and several targets playing

Akeem Dent

The Nolecast returns with the final episode of 2018 with a long discussion about Florida State’s recruiting. The show is available on iTunes and Google Podcasts. Our show notes are as follows, roughly. Show also available in the player below this article.


  • We’ve covered most of it, listen to previous shows
  • Now sure if Randy Clements is coming with.

Jordan Travis

  • Feel like we covered this in the last episode a lot.
  • Listener question: Hey, guys! With all the talk of transferring QBs and O-linemen, I would love to be educated in eligibility rules. Typically, transfers have to sit a year but I keep hearing you and others mention that some players will be able to have an exemption from that and be eligible to play right away. Can you breakdown what qualifies someone for said exemptions?
  • Other recruit news/rumor: King will not graduate in time, feeling Fields for Ohio State

Recruiting from the Under Armour All-America Game

  • LB Kalen Deloach: Discuss him & parents
  • LB Jaleel McRae: Really never wavered
  • DB Raymond Woodie III
  • CB Akeem Dent: Florida, Georgia, Bama, Clemson?
  • DB Travis Jay: Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson, maybe Alabama?
  • DB Brendan Gant: LSU, Miami?
  • Are we really worried about the trio?
  • WR Arjei Henderson
  • LB Shammond Cooper
  • DT Jaquaze Sorrells
  • WR George Pickens
  • OL Darnell Wright
  • WR Jonathan Mingo
  • Thoughts overall
  • Listener question: Curious as to why so many players sign during the early signing period, especially with the amount of coaching turnover, both of head coaches and assistants, that occurs between the early signing day and the end of the year. It would seem, if you are totally committed to the school regardless of who is coaching you sign early, however if it is due to the coaches, you are better to wait for the traditional signing day in February. You could still early enroll even if you haven’t signed the LOI. Just curious if you have discussed this with recruits? Do they even thing about this? Great show, don’t always agree with your opinion but always respect the thought process, Eric.

Hoops -- welcome in Matt Minnick

  • A basic one about what FSU has done season to date.
  • How we got here from 4 years ago when we were 17-16?
  • Something about Ham’s change in offensive philosophy?
  • Overview of acc landscape/what to expect in league play.
  • A recruiting question or two; Anthony Edwards
  • From Kevin, a fan: in the 2018 NCAA tournament, FSU Men’s basketball lost by 4 points to Michigan in the Elite Eight. Had they pulled off the win, it seems fair to predict that FSU would have likely followed the same path as Michigan and defeated Loyola-Chicago in the semis only to get crushed by Villanova in the title game. My question is would you have rather have seen FSU annihilated in the title game or are you more content with the Elite Eight finish? As a fan I felt it would have been demoralizing for a program like FSU to miraculously play for a basketball national title (crazy to think about) for only the second time in program history and get embarrassed by Villanova, almost making it feel like they don’t belong. I’m kind of more satisfied with where they finished and the prospect of a run this year but then again in NCAA basketball a loss like that in the championship of THAT tournament doesn’t seem like it would be damaging to morale going forward like a championship blowout in the current FBS football system (Michigan is doing just fine for themselves since but they’ve been a more established basketball program).