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Nolecast: Florida State football recruiting, The Chase, and listener questions

Answering listener questions about Florida State recruiting

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the twelfth Nolecast episode of 2018, and the fourth in the recent mailbag series. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast, and is actually more popular than all others combined.

Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

Part 4 focuses on listener questions about recruiting. Part 5 will be released early next week.

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Show questions we answer appear roughly in order, as follows.

Bud and Ingram,

I have been confused about the end of the Jimbo era. We all work and our companies have expectations that we are doing ‘our jobs’ everyday. How is it possible that the entire coaching staff stopped doing the job of recruiting as early as October ‘17. How is it possible that they stopped communicating with committed recruits and weren’t pursuing others to add to the class?

You guys detailed on the podcast, and at TN, that had Jimbo stayed, many/most of the assistants would have been dismissed . My question is was there really even an option for Jimbo to stay? It seemed like he, and his staff, quit well before the final drama the week prior to the ULM game.

I imagine you may have addressed this in a previous episode and so I would appreciate it if you could direct me to which one, and I will go back and listen. Otherwise, a deep dive this summer (or whenever) would be appreciated.

P.S. Can’t find Louisiana Hot Sauce here in Orange County, but I keep looking.

Thanks for the outstanding work you guys do,

New Staff Use of Social Media

Hey guys, hope you are doing well...awesome work.

I’d like your take on the change in social media (and access/exposure of the staff in general) with the new regime. Obviously, the staff is way more active on social media, but also interested in your take on what’s coming out in the official outlets, such as the “mic’ed up” with coaches Bell and Kelly. I feel like we already are getting to know this staff personality wise better than we knew much of the old staff after years.

I guess the question a Nole fan, this type of (controlled) openness/access to the staff is a monster change, but what is it in context to other programs around the country? Is this something that could prove to really be an advantage for FSU, or is this merely bringing FSU up to industry standard, and nothing to get particularly excited about? Do they still need to get better in this area?

Since I really only follow FSU on social media, I don’t have a big handle on what other programs do well.

Recruiting to a college or NFL system?

You’ve said that this staff is in place to win college football games. But my 2-part question is: With high school kids becoming a bit savvier with their futures, are QBs who WANT to learn a complicated pro-style offense, or WRs who WANT to learn the whole route tree, going to forgo lethal simplicity to learn a system they believe might make them more NFL-ready?

And part 2: If I were recruiting a QB or WR against the ‘Noles, I’d ask them bluntly, “Do you want to run an offense that’s going to get you NFL-ready, or do you want to run a college offense?” Jimbo always seemed to get those QBs who WANTED to learn a pro-style offense, so do you think the aforementioned tactic may have been used with James Foster? And what can Taggart do to combat that in the future?

Underachieving v. recruiting rankings?

First of all, thank you for keeping our fan base so informed that I rarely need to ask questions. Like Louisiana hot sauce you are always there for us with 3 simple ingredients Bud, Ingram and the truth!

My question is have you done any analysis on biggest underachievers vs their recruiting classes? I believe we have consistently recruited in the top 5 under “The Jimbo Regime”, but have not been finishing anywhere near that (14,8,NA) the last 3 years. Are we the worst performing team with our recruiting talent on NCAAF?

Thanks again for you both doing such a great job!


Hey guys just curious on Marvin Wilson heard a rumor he was pushing 380 now is that just bs or did he really get that badly out of shape???

I was also curious about Akeem dent haven’t heard much from him other than Saban flying a helicopter down onto a field to talk to him. Has Taggart talked to him did he come up for junior day is FSU pretty solidly locked in on him. Just curious what y’all have heard.

Hey guys ... love the pod !!

My daughters and I are faithful listeners and have a couple of questions ... happy that my girls are developing an interest in college football !

What usually happens during an “official visit”? We have a general idea but just curious how they’re usually organized , what’s included and how much they may have changed with coaching change.

I know it involves help from current players and support staff.... not sure we like the idea of Deondre Francois hosting future QB prospects (Lol).

Also, with regards to season opener .... gut reaction is VT with advantage because of all the FSU changes but could it be a slight advantage for the Noles (that preparation film review may be difficult to gather for VT)? We live in VA now and can’t take the thought of losing to the Hokies! Please give us some hope


Thanks Guys...Loyal listener,