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Florida State football QB recruiting and listener mailbag

Answering listener questions about Florida State recruiting

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the twelfth Nolecast episode of 2018, and the fourth in the recent mailbag series. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Part 5 focuses on listener questions about recruiting. We recorded this before FSU offered Lance Legendre on Tuesday morning, but the information is still good.

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Show questions we answer appear roughly in order, as follows.

On the latest scholarship roster by year breakdown, I see that FSU will have 14 seniors leaving and only 19 players in the junior class, that looks like a small number. Will FSU be taking a small class like 18-20 kids in 2019?

So your sources, how accurate did you feel they were? Were they overly optimistic/pessimistic? How truthful were they about Signing Day?

QB questions...

(There were a ton of these, and some were repetitive, so it became a larger discussion about QB play)

Q: Great podcast this morning fellas! Loved it. A question for your mailbag. With the WR class we just signed and QB depth chart what it is (thin) in your opinion will the Noles land a Top Tier talent at QB in the 19 class? Like a Sam Howell or Taisun

Q: I’m a huge fan of the work you guys do. I’ve always enjoyed your honest takes, thoughtful analysis, and your ability to explain topics in a way that makes sense to both casual Florida State fans and recruitniks. It’s those three simple ingredients that create one fantastic product in your show that separates it from every other Florida State podcast. I was hoping you guys could spend a little time discussing the 2019 QB class after Florida State failed to sign one during the 2018 period. I was curious if you think Willie and his staff will make a concerted effort to target Grant Gunnell after his recent decommitment from Texas A&M. I figure he would not be opposed to playing in Taggart’s gulf coast offense due to the fact he originally committed to Kevin Sumlin’s spread system. Other than Gunnell, which quarterbacks do you think are more likely targets for FSU? Will Sam Howell’s existing relationship with Walt Bell make him the primary focus? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Q: Jameis Winston was our last 5 star QB, do you think Willie will land one this year?

Q: How come the state of Florida rarely produces elite high school qbs?

Q: Love the Nolecast and I am excited to submit my first question. Don’t always agree with your analysis but it is always thought provoking and many times you have swayed my opinion. With as many question as you guys get I’m apprehensive that my question(s) will get air time but if I I can still thank you guys for turning me onto Louisiana hot sauce. I used to use another brand but the Louisiana hot sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavor - just like you two and I’ll let you decide who is which - and it is a staple on our grocery list now.

Who are some of the qb names that we should look for to possibly be on FSU’s board for 2019 and what’s the possibility of landing a top 3 prospect at that position?

Q: -Also, Jameis’ instagram post about James Foster gave us some insight that he obviously helped recruit him to Fisher in some way (phone call/texts). Does this trend continue? Not a great feeling when the best player in your programs history is out here telling guys to go to TAMU.

Q: Which 5 Star Linebacker Do We Have The Best Shot At?

Q: Which members of this staff would you classify as an “Ace” ?

Q: if you could pinpoint at this early juncture who might be the bell cow for the 2019 recruiting class who would it be? Either a current commit or someone who might be on the verge of committing that seems the type...