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Charles Cross is all smiles after Saturday Night Live

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Cross could commit soon.

Charles Cross


He was all smiles for a reason, Charles Cross has committed to Florida State. Offensive tackle is a big position of need for FSU this cycle and they just got better there.

TALLAHASEE, Fla. — Charles Cross was all smiles as he left Florida State Seminoles’ elite Saturday Night Live camp. The three-star tackle from Laurel (Miss) is a target for FSU at a position of need.

But he didn’t commit.

“Not yet,” Cross said with a smile.

How close is Cross to committing?

“Only time will tell.”

Do you know where you want to go?

“Yeah,” he said, smiling.

What will put the winning school over the top?

“A place where I feel comfortable at even if I can’t play football anymore.”

Cross wants to major in sports management.

“We’ll talk more about my major more (in the future).”

FSU also spoke with Cross about potential playing time.

“They’ve had a couple guys to go down with injury and need some guys to play.”

Cross has a strong relationship with coach Greg Frey.

Cross said his conversation with coach Willie Taggart went well.

And he plans to stop back by FSU Sunday morning before he heads back to Mississippi.

Asked what he plans to accomplish with his morning visit, all Cross could do is smile.

Stay tuned.