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4-star corner Travis Jay feels at home at FSU

Jay is one of the best corners in the Southeast.

Travis Jay

Four-star defensive back Travis Jay of Madison County (Fla.) spoke with Tomahawk Nation and other media outlets after FSU’s Saturday Night Live camp.

What do you like so much about coach Barnett and about the way that he teaches?

Energy and he teaching, ya know, making me better.

How is it like going against George Pickens? You guys had some good battles. What was that like?

Making each other better that’s all.

You ever been to a camp like this?

No sir.

What was special about this camp?

Florida State, that’s it. Me being here is just a blessing.

What did you like about it though? As far as the actual workout and stuff?

Just being around everybody and just getting the feeling of it.

Did you do any recruiting today?

I’ve been talking to a couple guys yeah.

Who is tops on your board?

I don’t know his name but I know he’s 2020 and I’ve been trying to get him too and Zane Herring (his teammate), too.

What do you tell to Zane about it?

It’s great. He seems to think so.

Being such a diehard Nole fan you can kinda tell them a little bit about what FSU’s about. What’s your kinda pitch to guys who don’t know a lot about FSU who they are visiting for the first time?

Its just a family everybody to me its home. They want the best for you, this school. Like football and championships. That’s what you want in life man. They got it.

You have a chance to talk with Willie Taggart at all though?

Yessir, I just got done talking with him

What was his message?

Just go into my last drill just go hard. I can’t go back and do nothing so go at and do what I do get my school work done and come in here.

You’ve been to so many camps here. How is this one different than other ones that you have been too previously?

When I first came I was kinda like shocked with it. If I’m gonna commit, I’m committed. I feel like I’m here already so I was good with it then everybody else. I was loose. I was having fun with it. I had been here before.

How would you consider your commitment to Florida State right now?

I’m coming its over.

Transcribed by Courteney Korosec.