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Star offensive lineman Zane Herring building relationship with Florida State’s Greg Frey

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Herring is one of the best OL in the Southeast.

Zane Herring

Offensive lineman Zane Herring of Madison County (Fla.) spoke with Tomahawk Nation and other media outlets after FSU’s Saturday Night Live camp.

On coach Grey Frey

Pretty much everything that he taught me was I mean kinda already what I knew, but he took it to the next level. he made it easier for us. Simple, but it worked.

You’ve obviously gotten to know him a little off the field, but now that you’ve gotten to know him on the field. What’s that relationship like as you keep building it?

I feel like we got a lot closer cause after that last visit. We spent the whole entire visit when I was here for about 5 or 6 hours, we spent the whole time talking about football and how I’m trying to enroll early and help me get into the starting job a little better, faster and get me ready for college.

Travis (Jay) said he was about ready for you to come onboard.

That’s what I was telling him today, I was like man this place is exciting and I was like maybe I’ll plan on doing it soon. I just wanna kinda like peak after my junior year. After my junior season I’m definitely gonna commit somewhere.

You’ve been to Clemson, You’ve been to Florida, You’ve been here, where else have you gone?

Alabama, Clemson, Auburn and that’s it. One more? I don’t know I think I might be missing one.

What are you looking for to set a school apart, now that you have seen other premier programs in the country? What is gonna kinda help you make that decision with the time comes.

Coaches, and their instruction like Coach Frye, Coach Frye is a great coach cause he just knows what I need especially so that and just a great atmosphere. ya know like a fun lit atmosphere like Florida State.

It looks like you’ve done kinda some reshaping of your body since the Orlando Under Armour camp, Is that accurate?

Yes sir, this summer I’ve tried to slim it up a little bit, trying to get my upper body a little stronger so cuz when I went to Clemson they said they wanted to see my upper body get stronger, so that’s pretty much what I have been working on all summer.

So when do you think you are going to decide? What’s your timeline?

I don’t know maybe around this time next year.

After your junior year?



Transcribed by Courteney Korosec.