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Offensive tackle Thomas Shrader commits to Florida State

An unexpected early decision from the offensive tackle

Thomas Shrader
Bud Elliott

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Thomas Shrader was one of the top offensive line targets for Florida State and the Seminoles landed a commitment from him on Sunday morning. Out of Venice, Fla., he was among a select group at the Saturday Night Live event on Saturday. The 6’4.5, 285-pound Shrader is a top-600 player nationally, and brought a large family contingent with him for yet another visit. He spoke with the media after the camp.

Shrader opened the conversation yesterday by saying he wouldn’t be making a decision between FSU and Louisville this weekend, and feels that he doesn’t want to be a decommitment, rather wanting to make sure his decision is right the first time.

Media: Okay, so this is probably your final visit of summer, right?

Shrader: Yes, my final visit.

Media: So when do you plan on making a decision?

Shrader: Maybe midway through season? [Shrader wanted to see whether Louisville or FSU improve on the field].

After speaking with his family last night, Shrader changed his mind and joined Lloyd Willis as the second offensive lineman commitment of the weekend:

Shrader said the main factors in his decision are a great school, great coaches, a program on the right track, and then hopefully, I don’t want to sit on the bench for three years.

Media: We know you have a good relationship with Coach Ledford (Louisville OLine coach) for a while. How is your relationship now with with Coach Clements?

Shrader: We have a great relationship right now, I believe, built over the past couple, six, seven months it is.

Media: What’s his style, like as a recruiter?

Shrader: He’s just a down home dude. He’s not always talking about football. He asks me how daily things are going. Something like that.

Media: What do you like about Clements’ coaching style?

Shrader: He’s a teacher, not a yeller. Like I’ve said before, I like that.

Media: Where do they see you in this offense?

Shrader: They see me as versatile, tackle and guard. I do prefer tackle.

Media: And they talked to you about the tackle depth chart or lack thereof?

Shrader: They’ve talked to me about it. How they need tackles. Yeah, that intrigued me.

Media: Whose commitments are recruiting you harder ?

Shrader: Florida State right now. There’s a couple kids from Louisville that talk to me every now and then.

Media: So is it safe to say Ledford kind of has the long term relationship going because you’ve known for a while?

Shrader: Yes, sir. I liked him a lot. Yeah, we have a great relationship.

Media: Do you feel like Clements closing that gap relationship wise, because you’re getting to know him more?

Shrader: Yeah, I’ve got to know him better than coach Ledford because I’ve been up here more.

Watch below as Shrader discusses his decision to commit to Florida State: