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FSU is in great shape with pass rusher Morven Joseph

FSU needs help rushing the passer.

Morven Joseph
Bud Elliott

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida State has made quite the impression on Lakeland (FLa.) Lake Gibson pass rusher Morven Joseph. The three-star decommitted from Florida in early July, and has taken several visits to FSU this summer. Joseph has a good motor and is a good fit for the FSU defense. The Seminoles are in great position with his recruitment.

Media: Morven you got another visit back to Tallahassee, what did you learn this time?

Joseph: Every time I come, is it the same like, I get closer to them. They show love. I feel like home.

Media: We hear that a lot from these recruits and it “feels like family, feels like home,” what what do they do to make it feel like home for you?

Joseph: You just get a good vibe. They keep it straight up with you, it’s a good vibe.

Media: Working with Coach Odell. I know you guys go way back, he’s from Polk County just like you, what is it about him that you like about his coaching?

Joseph: He knows what he’s talking about. You know, he been through my shoes, been through the same place. So that’s what like, I looked up to him and say that he made it he came the way I did.

Media: Are you close to a decision?

Joseph: Yeah

Media: When do you plan on making that decision?

Joseph: Real soon.

Media: What has sped up the decision making process for you?

Joseph: I’m ready. I’m just waiting for like a good time. I gotta go back and talk to my people and make sure. I know what school it is.

Media: Is it in Tallahassee?

Joseph: I can’t tell you.

Media: If not FSU, who is the other top contender?

Joseph: I can’t really say. I’m not really looking at another school right now. I was only looking at two schools: Tennessee and FSU.

Media: Are you still high on Tennessee then?

Joseph: I mean, not really.

(Joseph laughs)

Joseph: That’s a hint.

Media: What is your feeling around the players and the commits?

Joseph: They are all close. When I was with Florida it was not like that. It’s different over here, it’s like a family, a brotherhood. When I was in Florida’s [class] we were all spread out, didn’t talk a lot, but [FSU’s commits] say they talk every day.

Media: Are you already on the group text with all the commits?

Joseph: I got invited to the Twitter group chat.

Media: Which commit do you talk to a lot.

Joseph: I talk to Jeff [Sims] a lot.

Editor’s note: FSU’s current commitments have a scorecard and they get a point if they are identified as having been the primary recruiter or a player. Wanting to get points himself, Joseph then backtracked and said that he doesn’t want Sims, who is the current leader on the board, to get a point, and said jokingly that Sims was not recruiting him.

What was Coach Taggart’s message to you?

Joseph: It’s a vibe. We’ve been talking yesterday, today. They really want me. I can play early. The way their defense is going to be, they need players like me. It’s not all football. It’s how I am doing, life stuff.

Media: When you say the way their defense is going to be now, does that mean more 3-4 defense?

Joseph: Yeah 3-4 that’s what they told me.

Media: Where do they see you in that defense? What role?

Joseph: I think I surprised them the way I moved. After today, they’re like they need me to be in their 3-4 to rush the quarterback, and could drop me back if I want. Like play the buck like in high school.

Media: What was your height and weight today?

Joseph: 6’3, 210. I gain weight, and I lose weight, but I still look big. I gained muscle the last couple months.

Media: For official visits, do you have anything planned out?

Joseph: I have one official visit planned right now. FSU. I’m probably going to be done after that.

Media: Do you know when that’s going to be?

Joseph: I can’t do it until December, they’re going to do a group.

Media: Oh are you going to do the visit weekend in December with all the other committed kids in the class?

Joseph: Yeah.