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Nolecast: Recapping FSU’s Saturday Night Live and Summer recruiting

How did SNL go for Florida State recruiting?

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Morven Joseph-Twitter account

The Nolecast returns with an episode recorded Monday evening. The show is available on iTunes and Google Podcasts. A direct link is here. Our show notes are as follows, roughly. Show also available in the player below this article.

FSU had its Saturday Night Live event over the weekend and had an excellent turnout, especially considering it went 5-7 on the field in 2018.

New commits

  • Lloyd Willis, OT, Miami Killian: Skills and experience
  • Thomas Shrader, OT?, Venice HS: Skills, Family
  • Morven Joseph, LB/DE, Lake Gibson, Morven had a lot to say

Ringing off the hook

  • Jaylan Knighton
  • Bryan Robinson

Overall event review (logistics, effectiveness)

  • Recruiting way better than a 5-7 team should
  • Organization of event: Name tags, Greeting, Bounce Houses
  • Commitment only time
  • Purposeful June/July strategy even if Bud disagrees with?
  • Can they keep them in the fold and not visiting?
  • How did they get these kids who wanted to wait and see more to pull the trigger? Recruits recruiting, This staff is a good recruiting staff, Parents recruiting parents and trust
  • Get ahead on 2021?

Standing with major prospects

  1. Sav’ell Smalls, LB/DE
  2. Issiah Walker, OT
  3. DiJuan Edwards, RB
  4. Keyvone Lee, RB
  5. Caaziah Holmes, RB
  6. Lawrence Toafili
  7. Agiye Hall
  8. 2022 Deyon Bouie