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Bryson Estes has Florida State in top-3 after visit

Center thinks he can play early in Tally.

Offensive lineman Bryson Estes visited Florida State for the first time Thursday. The Class of 2021 center hails from McDonough, GA and attends Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy (ELCA):

Estes is listed at 6’3 278 pounds and has an 86 rating (3*) on the 247 Composite. They have him ranked 541st nationally (5th best center and 41st best player in Georgia).

He sports offers from Boston College, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Memphis, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Penn State, Syracuse, and West Virginia, among others.

TN had a chance to catch up with him and delve deeper into his recruitment:

Who was with you on the visit?

“My dad (Brian), and operations coach from my high school, Robbie Moore.”

What FSU coach are you in touch with the most?

“I speak the most with OLine coach Alex Atkins.”

What was the visit like?

“I first met with Coach Norvell for a long time. We met for about 15 minutes. We spoke about my goals and what am looking for in a school. I then met with Coach Atkins. We talked about his coaching style and what he expects out of me. We didn’t watch any film, but talked about technique and my learning style.”

What’d you tell Coach Norvell when he asked that? What are your goals and what are you looking for in a school?

“Coach Norvell talked about his coaching style and what he thinks is a successful career. I said ‘I’m looking for a school that feels like home where I have the opportunity to compete for playing time early.’”

Do you feel you have that opportunity for early playing time at FSU?

“I think if given the opportunity and putting the work in I would have an opportunity for PT.”

Did FSU feel like home?

“Yes it definitely did. I have family in south Georgia that is close to Tally.”

What specific position on the OL do the coaches see you playing?

“Definitely center, but they said I have the length to play guard, also. I personally think I can play any position on the O-Line.”

Do you have a preference?

“No sir. Just wanna go where I can be on the field.”

So...obviously COVID-19 has thrown everything out of whack, but do you have a return visit scheduled?

“No sir. No return visits anywhere planned right now. Gotta see how all this craziness plays out. Ideally would like to bring my whole family back to FSU in May or June.”

Do you have a target date for your final decision?

“I’d like to commit before my senior season starts around August 1. We’ll see how this virus stuff [plays out]. That may change everything.”

If you had to rank FSU right now, where would you put them?

“They would be in my top 3.”

Along with?

“No comment (laughing emoji with tears).”

Haha. Fair enough. Anything else?

“That was [my] first time to Tallahassee, and I was really impressed with everything.”