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In-depth with Florida State commit Branden Jennings

The legacy sees himself as the leader of Tribe ’21.

Branden Jennings (Twitter)

Branden Jennings committed to the Florida State Seminoles in early February:

TN then did a scouting report for Florida State fans.

Less than two weeks later, Jennings inexplicably dropped in the rankings.

And at the end of February, the star LB earned All-American honors:

And FSU made sure to get their guy up for Junior Day:

TN had the opportunity to catch up with Jennings over the weekend and delve deeper into his recruitment:

You were recently up for Jr. Day? How was it?

“The practice was full of energy and fast paced. I loved the interaction between everyone.”

Which coaches did you hang out with the most?

Every [coach] welcomes me in, but always Coach Norvell and Coach (Chris) Marve (LB).

What’s Coach Marve like?

“Really energetic and cool.”

Were you able to interact w/ any of the current players?

Jaleel McRae. I spoke with him there and when I left.”

Do you feel like you’re the “leader” of this recruiting class (some call it the “bellcow”)?

“I AM (his emphasis, not mine).”

How do you like that role? Do you feel responsibility?

“I feel like I can help recruits see what we are going to be. It’s more like a mission.”

Has the coaching staff asked you to be that leader, or did you just take that upon yourself?

“They told me I am, and I already know my place.”

Which of the current commits have you spoken with and what do you guys talk about?

“Joshua Famer. We talk about getting it back. He’s cool.”

What has your dad (Bradley, FSU LB from 97-01) told you about Florida State?

“He always talks about how hard they worked.”

Something tells me work ethic won’t be a problem for you.

“All I do is work.”

When scouting services dropped you in the rankings, did that fuel you even more?

“I always try and prove any haters and doubters wrong, so of course, yes, it was disrespectful.”

How have your conversations with coaches changed since committing to Florida State?

“I’ve let them know I’m with FSU heavily while being respectfully recruited.”

How would you describe your playing style?

“I try to be as aggressive as possible, [playing] down hill. [I like] hitting players. [I’m a] sideline-to-sideline [guy]. [I consider myself] a versatile player in every way.”

What player do you model your game after?

“I like Isaiah Simmons from Clemson [due to] his versatility.”

What’s one area you feel you could improve?

“Everything. There’s always something you can improve.”

Anything else you wanna say. Maybe a message for the FSU fan-base?

“Tell them to follow me on all on social media. My Twitter handle is: @Brand3nJ44,

and Instagram is: @b_brandxn. And let’s make Florida State great again.”

Check out his film below: