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3:20 PM UPDATE 3/20 Kaine Williams has Florida State in final five

Package deal for LA teammates?

Kaine Williams (Twitter)

Last week, we profiled Louisiana LB Andrew Jones. Today, it’s his John Ehret teammate, Safety Kaine Williams.

Williams stands at 6’2 205 pounds and has a 96 rating (4*) on the 247 Sports Composite. He’s listed as the 100th best player in America (4th best safety and 5th best player in LA).

His offer-list matches up with his rating: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, and Texas, among others.

He was offered by FSU in late January:

Then, in the middle of February, Williams included the Florida State Seminoles in his top-8:

Recently, TN had the chance to catch up with Williams a get a better feel for where FSU stands:

FSU is in your top-8. How hard are they recruiting you?

“[I’d say] 8 on a scale from 1-10.”

Who else is recruiting you hard?

“Alabama, LSU, Texas, and Texas A&M.”

Obviously Coronavirus has messed everything up, but do you have a visit scheduled to FSU?

“It was supposed to be on the 28th.”

Have you rescheduled, or are you just waiting to see how this all plays out?

“Just waiting.”

What’s that like? How frustrating is it?

“It’s aggravating that I can’t do anything, and that they have us out of school for [so long].”

What coach from FSU have you spoken with the most?

“Coach YAC (David Johnson).”

Louisiana guy. Makes sense. What’s your relationship like with him? How long have you known him, how often do you talk, and what sort of things do you talk about?

“We have a good relationship, and I’ve been knowing him since he was at Tennessee. He actually offered me at Tennessee and Florida State. At we talk at least three times a week.”

Andrew Jones said you guys discussed playing together in college recently. How much have you thought about that and what would it mean to you to continue playing together?

“I mean it would be great. If it happens, the coach wouldn’t have to worry about [anything] getting past us!”

If you had to pick one thing that stood out for you about FSU, what would it be?

“Their culture.”

What would it mean to potentially be part of Coach Norvell’s first full class and help bring FSU back to greatness?

“It would mean a lot!”

How would you describe your game?

“I’m a safety that likes contact and will play the ball in the air!”

What player do you look up to/model your game after?

Derwin James.”

So you have a top-8 now. When do you plan on narrowing that down again?

“I might narrow it down to two in [early] summer.”

Did you have a timeline for your final decision?

“Beginning of August.”

UPDATE: Late last night, Williams seemingly dropped a new top-5 consisting of Alabama, LSU, Florida, Texas A&M (?), and FSU: