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Marvin Jones Jr. calls Florida State “dream school”

Shade Bush?

Marvin Jones Jr’s father is one of the greatest players ever to have worn the Garnet and Gold.

The son, a member of the Class of 2022, is now a 6’5 225 pound linebacker at American Heritage in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

He received an offer from the Florida State Seminoles in late February:

Last week, 247 Sports came out with new ’22 rankings, and Jones was given a 92 rating (4*) and listed as the 124th best player in the country (8th best OLB, and 14th best player in Florida).

TN had the chance to catch up with the younger Jones recently and learn more about his recruitment:

You called FSU your “dream school” when you received the offer. Would you mind expounding on that a little for our readers? What is it exactly that makes Florida State your dream school?

“My father, uncle, cousin, and another uncle attended the school and left a legacy, so growing up around them, my dream was to do what they did and play football at Florida State.”

What have your dad and other family members told you about Florida State?

“Not a lot really. They just tell me go wherever is best for me, and if that happens to be FSU, they wouldn’t mind (laughing emoji with tears).”

It’s obviously early, but seeing as the ’Noles have offered do they have the lead (you’ve said FSU is your “dream school”)?

“I couldn’t say any school had the lead at the moment, but I definitely have always liked Oregon & LSU.”

Congratulations on the new ranking, by the way. How’d that make you feel?

“It was cool to be recognized as one of the best in Florida, but I could [not] care less if I had no ranking/stars.”

Why do you say that?

“I just don’t think stars or rankings mean anything at all.”

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level, and is that something you’ve discussed w/ college coaches—do they agree w/ your choice?

“Outside linebacker, and I have spoken with a coach about it, and they said they could definitely see my at the position.”

What do you think about FSU’s uniforms? What’s your favorite color combo?

“I think FSU’s all black uniforms are the best in the nation.”