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Jakiah Leftwich very interested in Florida State

Big man sets commitment date.

Jakiah Leftwich (Twitter)

Everyone knows by now about Florida State’s need for quality offensive linemen, especially at tackle.

Enter Jakiah Leftwich, a 6’6 302 pound tackle from Westlake High School in Atlanta, GA.

The Class of 2021 prospect has an 86 rating (high 3*) on the 247 Sports Composite and is listed as the 641st best player in America (58th best OT and 53rd best player in Georgia).

In addition to Florida State, Leftwich has offers from Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wake Forest among others.

He received his offer to play for the Florida State Seminoles in late January:

He visited Tallahassee the same week:

On Tuesday, Leftwich announced his commitment date and included the Seminoles:

TN had the chance to catch up with Leftwich on Tuesday in order to delve deeper into his recruitment:

Could you please give us a rundown on your recruitment right now with regard to FSU?

“I talk to the coaches at FSU almost every week. I’m building [a] strong relationship with them.”

Which ones do you speak with the most?

“Coach (Alex) Atkins (OL) and Coach Norvell.”

Would you mind describing what each is like for our readers?

“Coach Atkins is a funny, down-to-earth kind of person. He loves football and coaching offensive linemen.”

“Coach Norvell is a laid back kind of coach. He loves his players [and] loves the educational side.”

Have you been able to watch film/talk technique with Coach Atkins and what has he said about your game?

“Yes, he watched it, but he really [doesn’t] like watching highlight tapes because he said offensive linemen [don’t] need them—we play the whole game. But he likes my size and arm-length.”

How would you describe your game for people who haven’t seen you play, and what player do you model your game after?

“[I’m an] aggressive player with great feet. [I] love the game of football. [And] I try to model my gave after Tyron Smith.”

What’s FSU’s recruiting pitch like for you?

“They are recruiting me very hard, and they are saying high graduation rate, great food, good dorms.”

Does the lack of OL depth at Florida State make it a more alluring option, as you could potentially play there early?

“I don’t know, but [I know] I’ll have to work my butt off to play early. I will have to work for it—it’s not going to be guaranteed.”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for in a school?

“A place that feels like home. A place my family will like, too. Great education.”

Does it seem like FSU could be that place?

“Yeah, it could.”

Where would you currently rank FSU, and what other schools are up there with the ’Noles?

“I don’t know yet. I will be cutting [my] list in the coming months.”

Do you know what you want to study in college?

“Business administration.”