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Florida State football, recruiting news: Players and coaches adjusting to new norm

Plus, some new recruiting offers go out

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Boston College at Florida State Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


While most forms of recruiting are shut down, Florida State coaches are still working hard to set recruiting roots for the future:

2021 offensive tackle Jakiah Leftwich, a three-star prospect with a list of ACC and SEC offers, spoke with Tomahawk Nation yesterday, talking about his impression of offensive line coach Alex Atkins and his positive impression of FSU so far.

Go ahead and jump into our Florida State football recruiting thread if you haven’t lately and catch up on the last few days (or weeks) of moves by FSU’s staff.


Defensive tackle Marvin Wilson showing that strength coach Josh Storms isn’t the only one who can post at-home workout videos:

Though, Storms might’ve one-upped his one-up:

This, without a doubt, is still the funniest thing from the last season, and maybe the happiest:

(shameless self-plug here:)

Running back Jashaun Corbin, who was recently granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA, is keeping busy himself:

Did y’all check out this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday yet? Do you really have more important things to do other than learn the intricacies of the running portion of the run-pass option and how they relate to the offense that Florida State football will be running? Oh, you do? Well, then completely forgot about your responsibilities, read anyways and replace your worries with visions of split zone and counter plays.

The Ringer put together a list of some of the greatest sporting moments ever to watch (it’s a pretty good list, especially if you want to show it to a person younger than you and explain every bit of it while it plays so they can’t even hear you), and Florida State gets a few nods in the college football section:

My favorite slice of this is the incredible Florida State-Notre Dame intro from 1993 that features a Bob Costas poem paired with a song from the Rudy soundtrack. It’s not for everyone. It is, inexplicably, for me.


Florida State women’s basketball seniors Nicki Ekhomu and Kiah Gillespie were both named one of 52 finalists for named region finalists for the 2020 WBCA NCAA Division I Coaches’ All-America team.

Yesterday was the 48-year anniversary of Florida State’s near-national title, coming within single digits of taking down a UCLA team in the midst of a dynasty:


Here’s some quick hits, from the always talented Brett Nevitt:

A nice trip down memory lane with Chip Baker:


Florida State junior golfer John Pak, who has been tearing it up the green since arriving in Tallahassee, spoke with Amateur Golf about how he’s dealing with the uncertainty in the sports world, amongst other topics (he name drops Gordo Sauce):

It was sort of crazy. We were playing golf together as a team, and we were supposed to leave for one of the best tournaments of the year at the Floridian, the Valspar Collegiate, and we hear all the news. We hear that the tournament is going to get cancelled. Then we hear that this [other tournament] is getting cancelled, that [other tournament] is getting cancelled. It’s pretty sad because a senior on our team, Jamie Li, was having a good season and...I just don’t think we’re done yet. It was really a shock to all of us.