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Ryan Barnes looking forward to Florida State visit

Can the ’Noles snag this northeast prospect?

Ryan Barnes (Twitter)

Ryan Barnes is a 6’2 175 pound CB in the Class of 2021.

He attends Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, MD.

Barnes has a 86 rating (3*) and is ranked the 549th best player in America (42nd best CB and 19th best player in Maryland).

However, his offer list belies the above numbers, as it’s a who’s who of college football: Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, and USC, among many others.

He received his offer from FSU in February:

TN had the chance to catch up with Barnes recently and see how his recruitment stood:

We know you have a Florida State offer. What FSU coaches do you speak with?

“Coach Norvell, Coach (Marcus) Woodson (position), and Coach John Papuchis (area).”

JP makes sense after coming from Maryland. Did you have a previous relationship with him?

“My team took a visit to UMD about a year ago, and that is where I met him.”

Where are you at in the process? Have you started to narrow your list at all?

“I was hoping to start that process over the next two months, but with the suspension of activity, I’m trying to process my next steps with my family.”

Do you have an FSU visit scheduled?

“Not yet.”

How much interest do you have in Florida State?

“I definitely have interest. The coaches have done a great job connecting me to FSU through conversations with me and my parents. I hope to have an opportunity to visit as I go through this process.”

What do you know about FSU?

“I watch a lot of college football, so I’m familiar with most teams. I [actually] grew up in Gainesville, so I definitely knew all the teams in the state.”

Were you a fan of the Gators growing up?

“Yes sir. My dad went to school there, as well.”

(moving right along...)

Can you tell us a little about your game?

“I am coachable, aggressive on the field, a sound tackler, I play my assignment and do my job.”

Is the plan is to play corner at the next level?

“Yes, most schools see me as a corner, but I can play all the DB positions.”

Who do you model your game after?

Jalen Ramsey and Byron Jones.”

If you had to narrow your list of schools to 10 today, would FSU make the cut?

“Theoretically, if I had a top-10, yes, FSU would be on that list.”

What other schools are at the top of your list (you have a nice offer sheet)?

“Thank you. Honestly, it’s tough doing a top list because I haven’t gotten a chance to do more unofficial visits because everything is suspended. If I started listing I would list almost all of them—I really am thankful and have interest in all the schools that believed in me enough to offer. I’m really enjoying the process, but I know I need to make decisions as time goes on. I want to make a decision before Senior year.”

FSU is recruiting some of your teammates, too, right?

“Yes, two of my teammates have offers from FSU: Demeioun Robinson and Marcus Bradley, [who are in this] class.”

How close are you with Demeioun and Marcus, and have you discussed potentially playing together in college?

“We really don’t talk about it because we are just enjoying this process.”

What are some of the biggest things you’re looking for in a school?

“Academically, finding a school that has my major of interest, and a great campus environment. Athletically, having an opportunity to compete and go to a strong program that will develop my skills and has a plan for me, [while] being part of a team.”

What major are you looking for?

“Marine biology, criminology, or psychology.”

Wow. Impressive.

“Thank you, sir.”