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Tomahawk Nation: Florida State football, recruiting, athletics newsletter

We’re joining the newsletter party!

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Brace yourselves for an announcement of something that no sports or media publication has ever done.

Tomahawk Nation, your favorite source for all things Florida State athletics especially because you don’t have to pay money for it, is launching a weekly newsletter.

The main intent of the newsletter will be to make sure the average human being who doesn’t spend three hours a day refreshing the site to see new content will be able to fully get their recommended weekly nutritional intake of Florida State news, but it’s not going to simply be a list of links for you to half-process and never care about

We’ll have original content, the occasional exclusive and the opportunity to engage further with the pieces we’re pushing out for you. Something ridiculous happen on a Saturday night that isn’t worth an article but is worth at least 13 moderately funny jokes about it? You better believe that we’ll hit that number, and then some.

You can sign up here, and you’ll be good to go from there. We’ll make sure you know when the letter goes out that week, just in case you can’t find it because your e-mail service provider decides that something titled “DOES MIKE NORVELL EVER THINK ABOUT BRINGING BACK THE BRAIDS?” might possibly belong in the spam folder.

Let us know in the comment section on what kind of stuff you’d like to see in it, what the biggest focuses of it should be, and what writer we should never, ever, ever trust with sending out a column.