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Cameron Ball reacts to Florida State offer

Another big man.

Cameron Ball (Twitter)

Cameron Ball is a 6’5 290 pound lineman (both sides of ball) from Atlanta, GA.

The Class of 2021 prospect attends Tri-cities High School and is unranked.

However, he holds offers from Arizona State, Arkansas, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Purdue, UCF, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest, among others.

He received an offer from the Florida State Seminoles in early March:

TN caught up with Ball to discuss the offer and his recruitment, in general:

How’d you receive the offer and what was your reaction?

“I [spoke] with Coach (Alex) Atkins (OL) on the phone, and my reaction was ‘God is good, and this is unreal.’”

How long have you been in touch w/ Coach Atkins?

“[A few] months.”

I’m assuming since you’ve been talking with AA the FSU staff likes you at OL (you play both ways in high school, right)?

“They like me both ways, but the o-line coach went ahead and pulled the trigger.”

Do you have a visit scheduled to FSU?

“Not at [the] moment since everything was cancelled [due to] the Corona outbreak.”

Now that FSU offered, where do the ’Noles stand?

“If I had to make a top-5 or top-10, they’d be in there.”

Who else would you say is up there?

“Right [now], I’d prefer not to say—I just know FSU is up there.”

Do you have a timeline for your final decision?

“Not at the moment. I’d like to drop a top-5 or top-10 in [the next few months].”