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9:40 PM UPDATE on 4/13 with comments: OL Jake Slaughter commits to Florida State

The Noles add an offensive lineman!

Jake Slaughter (Twitter)

Last week, we profiled Trinity Catholic OL Jake Slaughter.

On Monday afternoon, Slaughter pulled the trigger for Florida State:

Slaughter stands 6’4, 300 pounds.

The Class of 2021 prospect has an 86 rating (3*) from the 247 Sports Composite List, and they have him 585th nationally (6th best center and 86th best player in Florida).

He holds offers from Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Miami (FL), Missouri, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia, among others.

He received his FSU offer last July (pictured with Johnson and Zane Herring):

Slaughter is a much needed addition for the Seminoles offensive line. Primarily recruited to play center Slaughter brings a reliability to Coach Alex Atkins group that is much needed. Look for a scouting report on Slaughter on TN from our football staff.

Here’s a mini scout on Slaughter from our interior line piece released yesterday.

Some of his recent interview with TN:

What’s Coach Norvell like?

“He’s so energetic, and he just seems like a real genuine, good man who wants what’s best for me.”

What was the conversation like with Coach Atkins? Did you talk technique?

“[We] talked a lot about technique, and the way he coaches and develops players.”

What does he think of your game and how hard is he recruiting you?

“He thinks I’m a developmental player with a good mindset, [who possesses] all the physical assets to be a really good center, but needs work with technique. He’s recruiting [me] fairly hard.”

You obviously mentioned AA and your time with him as position coach, but have you been able to meet any of the other coaches?

“I’ve talked with Coach (Kenny) Dillingham (OC) and Coach Dugans briefly. I also spent a good bit of time with Coach (Manrey) Saint-Amour (OL grad asst.).

We haven’t heard anyone mention Manrey. What’s he like?

“He’s a real good guy. Seems like he knows a lot about playing center, and he’s also real energetic.

Watching him at practice is great, too. [He] works a lot with the centers and is very hands-on and does all the work with them.”

How would you describe your game? Are there any centers you model your play after?

“I like to think of myself as a physical and smart player. I try to model my game after Bryan Stork. He played at FSU when they won the last national championship. He was just a great leader and a hard-nosed guy.”

Stork’s a great guy to model your game after.

“My dad and I used to love to sit down and watch him play. He offered my buddy at East Tennessee State recently, and I got to talk with him on the phone, and it was a really cool experience for me.”

I’m assuming you grew up an FSU fan if you know Bryan Stork?

I grew up just watching a ton a football and I did really like watching them play a lot.”

What was it like to try on the FSU uniforms when you visited? Do you have a favorite color-combo? And what number do you wear and why’d you choose it?

“I got to wear the white jersey and gold pants. That stuff really doesn’t matter to me—I just like to play football. I wear 66 because my dad wore 65, and I wanted to be one better than him.”

What are the main things you’re looking for in a school when making your final choice?

“[I’m] really just looking for a place where I can go and get better. I’m looking for a good law school, and a good coaching staff who cares about players.”

9:40 PM UPDATE on 4/13

Slaughter on committing to FSU:

“Overall, it’s just the right fit for me. Coach Norvell is an awesome, super-energetic guy who puts his absolute all into everything he does. Coach Atkins is a great, developmental coach who will make me a better player. I wanted to stay in the southeast, so that was good, too. My family is all super excited for me, and [we] can’t wait to get back up to campus once the virus clears up!”