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Catching up with Florida State QB recruit Ty Simpson

He already has close to 30 offers.

Ty Simpson (Twitter)

zTuesday, we profiled 2022 quarterback recruit MJ Morris. Today, we look at classmate, Ty Simpson from Martin, TN.

The dual-threat QB stands at 6’2 185 pounds and attends Westview High School. He has a 93 rating (4*) from 247 Sports. They see him as the 91st be player in his class (3rd best at his position, and the best player in Tennessee).

Simpson already holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Michigan, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, and Virginia Tech, among others.

He received an offer from Florida State in early February:

TN caught up with Simpson recently to get a closer look at his recruitment:

What does the FSU offer mean to you?

“[It] means a lot, especially with Coach Norvell and Coach (Kenny) Dillingham’s [pedigree].”

Do you mind expounding upon that—what do you know of them as coaches and what do you think they could do for you?

“I know they’re great guys who take care of their players and love football. I also know that Coach Norvell is quarterback-friendly and wants his QBs to be on the same page as him. And that’s what I like. I know their offense is very explosive and QB-friendly, so that’s good for me.”

We’ve seen you mention your dad’s relationship with Coach Norvell. Do you mind explaining that in detail for our readers? What does that mean for your recruitment?

“My dad and Coach Norvell knew [each] other at Memphis. Memphis had such a good offense and was so close to us, [so] he’d go there and work ball a lot. He also has hired some of his guys from Memphis to coach at UTM. I like that because that means he won’t be easy on me, and he knows my expectations are high.”

What do you know about Florida State—when you think of the Seminoles, what are some things that come to mind?

“I think of the history of the program, and how it can get back to where it was.”

How would you describe your game and what QB do you look up to/model your game after?

“I think my [game] is someone who can get the ball out quick, but also [can] run. I look [up to] Patrick Mahomes—he played baseball like me and his different arm angles are something I can do, too.”

You have a pretty impressive offer list. Have you started to narrow that yet?

“Haha—thanks. No, sir, not really—I’m wide open.”

Are there offers you haven’t gotten yet that would be game-changers?

“Clemson, for sure, and Ohio State.”

Obviously this virus has thrown everything off, but what visits do you plan on making when it’s over?

“Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Florida State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Clemson.”

Did you grow up a fan of any team growing up?

“Ole Miss and Mississippi State.”

How much of a priority do you feel the FSU staff is making you? How often do you speak with them and what are those conversations like?

“I feel like I am [a priority]. We talk about our future with FSU and how I can play in that offense.”

Which team(s) are recruiting you the hardest?

“Auburn, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Clemson.”

What’ll be the biggest factors for you in choosing a school?

“Relationships and playing time.”