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Florida State football virtual recruiting tour brings recruits to campus

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Taking a virtual trip through the Tallahassee campus.

FSU Helmets
FSU Virtual Tour

With all on-campus recruiting on an undetermined hold due to COVID-19, the Florida State Seminoles coaching staff has had to get creative with showing Tallahassee to football recruits. To work through this unfortunate roadblock, the staff has been providing virtual tours to recruits. This past week, FSU let everyone get a peak behind the curtain when they dropped the virtual tour on YouTube, which you can watch here.

This video shows key highlights of Florida State’s campus. After a quick introduction, the first sight recruits (or fans) see is the Trophy Room. The video focuses on FSU’s championship trophies, national award winners, and all the championship rings:

FSU Trophy Room
FSU Notable Player Awards
FSU Championship Rings

Next up is the Player’s Lounge. This is an area for the players to relax and enjoy some down-time. They can play video games, pool, and take advantage of several other amenities:

FSU Players Lounge
FSU Pool Table

From here, the video stops at the Meeting Rooms and Locker Room, where players and coaches spend time reviewing film, preparing for practices/games and various other team gatherings:

FSU Meeting Room
FSU Locker Room

The next few stops are the Weight Room, Nutrition Bar, and Training Room, which are all vital pieces for college programs:

FSU Weight Room
FSU Nutrition Bar
FSU Training Room

The tour then moves to the outside (and inside) as we get a glimpse of the Practice Fields, and the Indoor Practice Facility:

FSU Practice Fields
FSU Indoor Facility

The video moves to the Doak exterior, before cutting to the player dorms in Champions Hall:

Champions Hall

The tour ends with additional shots of the campus and College Town, before giving us one final aerial shot of Bobby Bowden Field:

FSU Campus
Bobby Bowden Field

Check out the video when you have a few minutes and let us know your favorite part.

*All images captured from FSU’s Virtual Tour video.