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Kennan Milford recaps Florida State visit

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Huge FSU fan.

Kennan Milford (Twitter)

Kennan Milford is a 6’1 185 pound wide receiver from Maclay School in Tallahassee, FL.

Last month, he visited Florida State for Junior Day:

TN caught up with Milford to get the skinny:

How was the visit?

“[The] visit was great—loved the facilities, and the up-tempo practice. [I’ve] always been a big FSU fan, and it was great to visit, great to be in my hometown, too. [The] coaches were very nice and welcomed everyone and treated [us] with care.”

Take us through your day.

“I showed up around 9 a.m. I went to the practice fields, and they gave me my recruit keychain with my name and stuff on the tag. We walked in and met other coaches and GAs.

We watched practice for about two hours—[it] was great. Once they were breaking down in position groups, the GA took me over to meet the receivers and Coach Dugans. Coach got me introduced to all the receivers and then we broke it down together and talked to some players.

Then I was taken on a tour that took probably [an] hour or two—we went through the weight room, players lounge, locker room etc...the facilities were great and everyone there was very welcoming.”

Out of all the stuff on the visit, what was the highlight?

“[The] biggest [takeaway] was how up-tempo and hard-working the players were in practice. The highlight of it [was] when Coach Dugans invited me and another receiver recruit to break down the huddle with them—[that] was very eye-opening that I could maybe be doing that every day with them someday.”

What is FSU saying to you about your recruitment?

“They were inviting me back for the next Junior Day, and the elite summer camp, but right now everything’s kinda thrown off because of the coronavirus, so i’m just waiting to hear.”

How would you describe your style of play and after whom do you model your game?

“I model my game [after] Jerry Jeudy and DeAndre Hopkins. I’m a play-maker—when the ball’s in the air, [it] doesn’t matter where it is, I’m [going to] go get it. Another key of my game is blocking—I believe I’m one of the best blockers [at] the receiver position—I [take] blocking just as important as running routes.”

Did you grow up an FSU fan, and if so, what would it mean to potentially play your college ball at home in Tallahassee?

“[We] moved to Tallahassee from Rome, Georgia when i was 12. My mom played basketball and ran track at Auburn, so I’ve been molded into being a Auburn fan since I was a baby, but when [we] moved to Tallahassee, it felt right to become an FSU fan since i got invited to the games by my friends. So, I’d say ever since I was 13, I’ve been a huge FSU fan. Staying in town and going to FSU would mean a lot to my family to be able to watch every game and all my friends that go to FSU. So, yes, FSU will definitely be a top school in my mind.”

What do you plan to study in college and why?

“I haven’t really dug in too [deeply] on what I want to study in college, but it’ll have to do with sports medicine or anything to do with sports, really. Sports have always been a part of my life, and I’d like to keep it that way.”