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Caleb Cook breaks down Florida State visit

Hoping for an offer.

Caleb Cook (Twitter)

Caleb Cook a 6’3 278 pound offensive lineman who attends Brunswick High School in Brunswick, GA.

The Class of 2021 prospect holds offers from Georgia State, Harvard, Navy, and Princeton, among others.

Cook visited Florida State for Junior Day in early March with his teammate Kanaya Charlton (’22 OT):

How was the visit?

“It was good—we toured the campus, then we toured the facility and met the coaches. At the end, we all met with our (would-be) position coaches. My favorite part was when we did the photo shoot and when I met Coach (Alex) Atkins (offensive line). I really like him as a coach, and if they were to offer me they’d be high on my list.”

What’d the staff say you had to do in order to receive that offer?

“I think Coach Atkins wanted to learn more about me as a person before they send out the offer.”

How would you describe your game?

“I’m a physical lineman with great footwork who drives people into the ground and gets up to the next level clean and fast.”

Any player(s) you model your game after?

“Not really—I pick up some techniques and advice now and then, but for the most part, I don’t specifically model my game after anyone.”

How frustrating is this break in the action from COVID-19?

“For me, it’s more frustrating academics-wise [than] athletics-wise because I still workout either at my house [or] the field—I just hate doing work online.”