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Florida State on top for Kanaya Charlton

Fortunately, the ’Noles were on him early.

Kanaya Charlton (Twitter)

Kanaya Charlton is a 6’6 330 pound offensive guard from Brunswick, GA.

The Class of 2022 prospect attends Brunswick High School, and although he doesn’t have any ranking yet, he already holds offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Maryland, Miami (FL), Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas A&M, among others, so he’s well on his way to blue-chip status.

He received an offer from Florida State in January:

In early March, Charlton visited for Junior Day with teammate Caleb Cook:

TN caught up with the massive lineman to get a better glimpse of the visit and how his recruitment stands in general:

How was the visit?

“The visit was great!

We left for Tallahassee Friday afternoon and arrived Friday evening. We stayed in a hotel that evening.

On Saturday, we left for the school for Junior Day. First, we got our measurements, then we watched the first day of spring practice. When spring practice was over, we went on a tour of the campus. After the tour, we put on the uniform and took pictures. After that, we had [our] position meeting. And that was the end of the visit.”

How involved were you at practice—did you talk to Coach Atkins and/or the players?

“I wasn’t involved in the practice and I didn’t talk to Coach Atkins or any of the players during the practice. I just watched the way the team practices and I really enjoyed my time watching.”

When you met with Atkins later in the day, did you break down film or anything? Did he give you any tips on your game?

“When I met with Coach Atkins, we talked a little about developing as a person as well as a player. He gave me two tips on my game, and [those were] to trust my coach and to believe in my ability as a player.”

What was the highlight of the visit for you?

“For me, the highlight of the visit was watching the practice and watching the way Coach Atkins [teaches] the OL techniques they need to be successful.”

What’s your relationship like with AA and could you see yourself playing for him in the future?

“My relationship with Coach Atkins is a real relationship. We really can’t talk to each other much because of the NCAA rules, but the time that [I] spent around him has shown me that he’s a very good person. I could see myself playing for him in the future.”

What was it like putting on the FSU uniform?

“Putting on the FSU uniform was an amazing feeling! That was the first time I ever put on a full uniform for any team.”

Do you have a favorite color-combo?

“I don’t have a favorite color-combo, but I really like the Garnet and Gold.”

What number would you like to wear in college and why would you choose that number?

“There are three numbers I’d wear in college: 69 (high school number), 72 (my mother was born in 1972), and 77 (Tyron Smith).”

Is Smith someone you look up to/model your game after? Are there any other guys in that category for you?

Tyron Smith is someone I look up to, and I try to model my game after him. I also look up to Larry Allen, Taylor Lewan, and Joe Thomas.”

How would you describe your style for those who haven’t seen you play?

“I do my job as an Offensive Lineman very well. I can drive anyone 5 yards back and I can keep anyone on the line pass blocking. But if I get mad, someone is getting hurt. So I would describe my style of play as the person you don’t ever want to get mad.”

What position do you currently play?

“Currently, I play offensive tackle for my high school team.”

What position do you want to play in college, and did Coach Atkins mention where they see you playing at FSU?

“My coach and I often talk about what position I’ll play in college, and we both agree on offensive guard. Coach Atkins didn’t mention anything about what I’d play at FSU.”

FSU has offered you—would you say the Seminoles currently lead?

“FSU [has] offered, [but] I wouldn’t say they’re my leader. [However], I’ll say they are up there with the top.”

Who else is at the top with FSU?

“Kentucky is really the only one up with FSU.”

(In the last week, Charlton received offers from Georgia Tech, Miami, Oklahoma, Auburn, Maryland, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Minnesota, so I reached out for further clarification on this question.)

Does that previous answer change at all considering those impressive offers?

“The answer to that question did change. Kentucky really isn’t up with FSU anymore. And to be completely honest, no other school is up with FSU. That’s because I really haven’t talked with the other schools much.”

What offer(s) are you most looking forward to?

“There isn’t a offer I’m looking for. I’m just playing the game I love—if more offers from big schools come, I’ll still be playing the game I love.”

Do you grow up rooting for any particular school?

“I didn’t grow up rooting for any school, but my grandfather is [an] FSU fan, so I grew up around someone who was FSU to the end of the world. [That] had a little influence [on me] when I was younger.”

Finally, what was your reaction when the new 247 rankings came out, and they didn’t rank you? Were you upset? Do you use that as fuel to work even harder and prove people wrong?

“I really don’t get upset at things such as rankings. I know where I stand among others. I have my own fuel that pushes me to work even harder, and that added to [it].”