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Florida State football, recruiting news: Where does Cam Akers get drafted tonight?

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The Seminole running back is likely to come off the board tonight

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images


Cam Akers is set to get drafted tonight in either the second or the third round. His skillset is perfect for today’s NFL but where will he go? Tampa, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Buffalo? Good luck Cam.

His teammate Stanford Samuels III will likely have to wait until tomorrow to see his name called; he brings instincts, length, and physicality to the NFL.

Dalvin Cook and Carson Wentz are helping feed the unemployed via food trucks.

EJ Manuel reflects on when the Buffalo Bills chose him in the first round:


2021 WR JJ Henry has been offered by Florida State.

2022 Elite DE Kenyatta Jackson, Jr. has also been offered by Florida State.

He wasn’t the only blue-chip 2022 DE offered yesterday; Dante Anderson has a scholarship to Florida State.

Kamari Lassiter went in-depth on his recruitment to FSU.

Florida State has offered another 2021 blue-chip speedster.

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