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Catching up with Florida State signee La’Damian Webb

A story of perseverance.


La’Damian Webb is a 5’8 190 pound running back from Opelika, AL.

The Class of 2020 recruit currently attends Jones College and has an 86 rating (high 3*) from the 247 Sports Composite List. They consider him the 58th best JUCO prospect (4th best RB and 9th best player from Alabama).

He had offers from Missouri, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, and West Virginia, among others.

In December, Florida State offered:

Webb visited Tallahassee the following month and committed to Florida State shortly thereafter:

Then, on National Signing Day, the talented back made it official, inking with Florida State:

TN caught up with Webb recently to get his back-story, while also figuring out why he chose Florida State and what he plans to accomplish going forward:

We’d love to know about your high school career and how your initial recruiting went (so our readers can get a better feel for your story and how hard work pays off in the long run).

“It started my 10th grade year—I basically was getting the feel for it, and I picked up a couple offers.

[In] 11th grade, I had [a] breakout year that really impressed a lot of coaches [and] people (even myself), so I was [on] the radar for sure.

[My] senior [campaign] was headed in the right direction, [but] I had an injury that held me out of [the] playoffs.

[However, I] truly [believe] it’s the best thing I’ve experienced and hard work is really [something] people should invest in because it really helps. My biggest thing is [to] never give up from a mistake because [there’s] always a way—[it might be] a different route, [but there are] opportunities and chances out there for everyone.”

Tell us about your JUCO career—why’d you pick Jones College and how has that gone?

I picked Jones because I had [a] high school coach, [and] I really trusted him a lot (JC DL Coach Kwesi Drake), but the coaches in general are great people [and] great coaches.

Ms. Carla (Director of Academic Enhancement for Athletics) is [probably] the best in the world in my opinion, and the people are just amazing there.

The campus is nice. It’s a great [overall] experience, and the football perspective is just as good.

I love the way [we] practice, [and] the way they coach. My teammates are the best in the world—it’s a real brotherhood.

At first, I was thinking I couldn’t do it, but the people there are great, [and I chose to focus on] the positive side—[ever] since then, I [fell] in love with the place.”

You had offers from Missouri, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, and West Virginia—why’d you choose Florida State?

“I [put] a lot of thought into it, but FSU was nice—the coaches [were] great, it’s [a] good distance for my family, [and], overall, it’s the best place for me.”

Which coaches from Florida State have you spoken with the most?

“Coach (David) Johnson (RB), Coach Lock (Director of HS Relations), [and] Coach Tucker (Offensive Analyst).”

What’s Coach Johnson like?

“He’s a good guy—I’m pretty sure everyone knows that; he’s a straightforward person—[he’ll] let you know what he [thinks]—[he’ll] tell you the truth. [He’s] the type of [person] you [want to] be around outside of football—he’s a great guy.”

What have the coaches said about your role in the offense?

“They said [they’re going to] use me [as] much as possible and do a lot of different things with me.”

How would you describe your playing style?

“I’m a power/speed back [and] an every-down back—I’m explosive [and] quick on my feet, my [vision] is very good, [and I’m a] great blocker.”

What players do you model your game after?

“I would say Alvin Kamara, Tarik Cohen, Ezekiel Elliott, and Devonta Freeman.”

Finally, what are you goals at Florida State and going forward in life?

“My goals are to get a education and be successful in the classroom and on the field. If I get the chance to declare for the Draft early, that’d be great; if not, I’ll graduate, then declare for [the] Draft and go from there.”