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Waymond Jordan recaps Florida State visit

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He loves the ’Noles, but is it reciprocated?

Waymond Jordan (Twitter)

Waymond Jordan Jr. is a 5’10 195 pound running back in the Class of 2022 who attends Pensacola Catholic High School (FL).

He recently visited Florida State with teammate Damarius McGhee for Junior Day:

TN had a chance to catch up with Jordan to find about more about his recruitment:

Which FSU coaches did you speak with the most while in Tallahassee?

“Coach (Marcus) Woodson is the coach I communicated with the most. I got to talk to David Johnson a bit, too.”

How do you get along with those guys? What sort of things did you talk about?

“I get along really well with both of them.

Coach Woodson is the coach that recruits my area, so he visited me once, and we have talked a couple times.

Coach Johnson carries [himself] very well, and he has great schemes that fit my playing style as a running back.

Coach Johnson also talked to me about life in general and my grades. We talked some football, but I think getting to know him and how he approaches things will help [build] a strong relationship between us.”

Did you get to take in a practice?

“Yes, sir. I think the practice ran very smoothly. The players looked like a brotherhood, and they made [it] seem like FSU is a great place to be. Also, they were very serious during drills and other activities, but they were having [fun] with it, too, which I loved.”

Were you able to talk with any of the current players?

“Keyshawn Helton, Chaz Neal, and Darius Washington.”

What’s the relationship there?

“They are close family friends, and we were in [the] city streets together [growing up]. [I] never got to play with them, but I watched them while they were at West Florida.”

What’d they have to say about the new coaching staff?

“They had a lot to say about Coach Norvell and how he is on a mission to build a standard at FSU and get them to the top.”

What was FSU’s recruiting pitch to you?

“They showed a lot of love and showed me [their] schemes and how they want to play.

I understand if I went there I could have a big role, but I know I [won’t] be the only running back getting shine. Coach Johnson likes to balance the carries some to save his running backs’ bodies. He’s a very smart coach.”

I know it’s early, but would you consider FSU your leader at this time?

“Most definitely they are the leader in my recruitment so far. Out of all the schools that I have talked to FSU is No. 1 with Alabama coming in at No. 2 and Tennessee No. 3.”

[He currently doesn’t hold offers from any of the three.]

Have you scheduled a return visit to FSU?

“Not yet, but I plan to come back there for a camp. I want Coach Johnson to see what I have to offer as a player in person.”