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Five-star lineman Julian Armella discusses Florida State

Most important recruit in years?

Julian Armella (Twitter)

Julian Armella stands at 6’6 300 pounds and attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale (FL).

The Class of 2022 offensive tackle prospect is a 5* on Rivals, and a 4* on 247 Sports:

He already holds 29 offers, including Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Miami (FL), Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Penn State, among others. You get the point: every team in America wants this kid.

Armella received his Florida State offer on Christmas Eve in 2018:

TN caught up with the star prospect to see where everything currently stands:

Let’s just start with the basics. Your father obviously played at FSU, so I assume you grew up a fan. What would it mean to follow in his footsteps and play your college ball in Tallahassee?

“Honestly, it’s a huge thing that my dad went to FSU. And it would be cool to follow in his footsteps, but that’s not the main reason I’m being recruited by the FSU coaching staff. I’ve built a connection with the OL coach (Alex Atkins), and we’ve really [become] close and built a great relationship.”

How often do you speak with Coach Atkins and what’s he like?

“We talk a lot on the phone about camps and when they will be hosted, but, overall, he’s a great guy and has shown a lot of love.”

How many FSU games have you attended, and what’s that atmosphere like?

“As a kid maybe three or four; as a recruit none, [but] as a kid when I would go to camps and stuff, it felt great. It’s certainly [something] to think about when I do decide where I want to go.”

Obviously you want to make your own footprint/legacy, but what would it mean to potentially help bring Florida State back to national relevance/glory?

“That would be amazing and great for the headlines, but wherever I go, I plan to help and contribute to a national relevance.”

How would you describe your style of play?

“An aggressive lineman who can dominate on the whole line!”

Who do you pattern your game after?

“Anthony Munoz.”

Is it your goal/plan to come in and start right away, and do you see yourself as a LT or RT?

“Yes, sir! Wherever I decide to go, my goal is to start at LT.”

You obviously have a ton of quality offers. What schools other than FSU stand out to you right now?

“Florida, LSU, Miami, Alabama, and a couple others.”

You have plenty of time before college, but when do you hope to have your final decision?

“[By the] end of [my] junior year, or beginning of [my] senior year.”

What’s the biggest thing you’re looking for in a college?

“A place that feels like home!! And a great environment for me and my family.”

What have you been doing with yourself since the virus struck?

“I’m just [working] out and getting stronger at home.”

How soon were you planning to get up to Tallahassee?

“I’m trying to get up there ASAP.”

We can’t let you go without asking you about this tweet from Charlie Ward:

“I’ve met him before—he’s a great dude with a great point in that tweet.”

Our own NoleThruandThru doesn’t mince words when it comes to Armella’s importance to FSU:

“How can you not love and root for a kid on the OL who models himself after Anthony freakin Munoz? Armella is a starter the second he sets foot on campus. He’s the anchor on the OL for 3 years with potential to be a team captain, after which he is a first round draft pick. He leaves FSU as one of the best OL ever to put on the uniform, in the discussion as THE best. (This is all assuming health isn’t negatively impacted, obviously).

I try not to use hyperbole when I talk about kids because there’s way too much of it in recruiting already, but that’s how highly I think of Armella. I’ve planted my flag and will not move off this hill. Julian Armella is the most important recruit that FSU needs to land in the last decade.”