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4-star offensive tackle Caleb Johnson discusses Florida State

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Can ’Noles keep top tackle talent in-state?

Caleb Johnson (Twitter)

Caleb Johnson is a 6’7 295 pound offensive tackle from Ocala, FL.

He attends Trinity Catholic and has an 89 rating (4-star). The 247 Sports Composite List has him 337th nationally (29th best tackle and 54th best player in Florida).

The Class of 2021 prospect holds offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Miami (FL), Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Penn State, Tennessee, UCF, Utah, Virginia, Washington State, and West Virginia, among others.

Johnson received his FSU offer last May:

TN recently caught up with the offensive tackle prospect to learn more:

Let’s start with your visit in January. What was that day like?

“It was a good time seeing the new staff and meeting Coach (Alex) Atkins (OL) for the first time. The highlight of the day was most definitely getting in the meeting room with Atkins and talking football, but a close second was the famous chicken they gave us.”

What’s Atkins like? When you say “talking football,” did you go over your tape or talk technique?

“We went over recruiting and some o-line technique, but mostly [we talked] about his story and how he teaches his lineman.”

Sounds like you connected with AA. Could you see yourself playing for him?

“Like a whole lot of other schools, I haven’t gotten a chance to see a practice, so I don’t know how he coaches his guys or what he’s teaching—I don’t know yet, [I’m] just looking for the right fit.”

Very fair. What schools are you hoping to re-visit when the dead period ends?

“Penn State, Auburn, Notre Dame, Alabama, Arizona State, Miami (FL), FSU, [and a] few more.”

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

“Those schools, [along with] USF, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and LSU.”

How would you describe your style for those who haven’t watched you?

“I try [to] play fast with my feet, win with leverage, and always finish. It doesn’t always work, but I’ll always give great effort. If you watch any good linemen, they have great balance and play with a nasty attitude. Football is a great sport—controlled violence.

I’m working on my technique everyday. I feel like my game has improved tremendously even from last season. [I] just [have to] keep pushing/grinding to continue to get better. I got some great work at Rivals, HOF, and UA camps. I love that competition—that’s how u get better.”

How close are you with (OL prospect and teammate) Jake Slaughter? What would it mean to play together in college?

“Jake and Garner (Langlo) are great dudes. I would love to keep playing with them.”

How close is Garner to getting an FSU offer, in your opinion?

“Garner is super-freaky—[FSU] will [offer]. [The] problem is most schools go off last year’s film. We’ve all improved [since then.]”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for when selecting a school?

“[A] school that really wants me as a player [and one that has] great o-line and strength coaches.”