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Scouting Report: Florida State football signee La’Damian Webb

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A diverse running back.

Florida State needed to diversify the skill sets in its offensive backfield. Enter La’Damian Webb, who brings skill and experience after the departure of Cam Akers. The backfield has added several other players over the last few months, but Webb brings something different—he has actual college game reps that are valuable on a roster needing to learn how to win.

Webb’s a smaller back, but don’t let his 5’8 190 pound frame fool you. Webb isn’t afraid to take a hit and break a tackle. He averaged over 100 yards a game for his JUCO team and also caught several passes out of the backfield. Webb’s highlights are fun to watch and recommended for all Seminole fans.

What does Webb bring as a running back? A low center of gravity, balance, and hands. Think Brian Westbrook or Clyde Edwards-Helaire when you picture Webb’s game. He finds a way to bounce off multiple tacklers, can bend on the edge, and can catch the ball short, medium, or long. JUCO squads sometimes lack depth, so Webb also saw time as the “Wildcat” QB. Check a few clips out and be the judge: