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Kody Jones reacts to Florida State offer

Lofty praise from his (potential) position coach.

Kody Jones (Twitter)

Kody Jones is a 5’10 165 pound athlete from Memphis, TN.

The Class of 2022 prospect attends Fairley High School and has a 90 rating (4*) from 247 Sports. They consider him the 211th best player in his class (23rd best ATH and 4th best player in Tennessee).

Jones sports offers from Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas, Memphis, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, among others.

Last month, Florida State offered:

TN caught up with Jones to get his reaction to the offer and learn more about his recruitment, in general:

How’d you receive the offer and what’d it mean to you?

“Coach Woodson [is] recruiting me hard, and it makes me feel like he really wants me at FSU!”

What’s he saying to you?

“We [are] still getting to know each other, but he says I can be one of the top corners from FSU. He also said I remind him of Terrell Buckley.”

What do you think of when the name “Florida State” is mentioned?

“I think of all the good defensive backs they’ve had.”

Which specific ones come to mind?

“Deion Sanders, Derwin James, Jalen Ramsey, and Terrell Buckley.”

How would you describe your game for those who haven’t seen you play?

“I would describe my game [as] aggressive [and] physical, but also smart.”

What player(s) do you model your game after?

“Most definitely the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu)—he’s a flat out [dog]!”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for when making your college choice?

“A school that [has] a good education for me and [where] I feel good and comfortable. Also some place I can get [on] the field as early as possible.”

You’re obviously a ’22 kid, but when do you hope to have a final decision?

“Most likely my senior season.”