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Meet the Seminoles’ Signees: Markeston Douglas

Another late-bloomer.

Markeston Douglas (Twitter)

Markeston Douglas is a 6’4 255 pound tight end from Brownsville, TN.

The Class of 2020 prospect is finishing up his senior year at Haywood High School, where the 247 Sports Composite List gave him an 84 rating (3*). The sites consider him the 1,411th player in his class.

Douglas had offers from Kansas, Michigan State, Ole Miss, and Virginia.

Florida State offered less than a month before Signing Day:

Douglas committed to the Seminoles in late January, before signing in early February:

TN caught up with the raw tight end to learn more:

You were somewhat of an unknown in recruiting circles before Florida State offered—do you mind taking us through your high school football career?

“We got a new coach, and he told me I could go high major D1, so I trusted him.

So I went to the Memphis camp in the summer and got my first offer (Austin Peay). After that, a couple more OVC schools offered. Towards the end of the season, big colleges starting contacting me. Then Florida State [offered] me and Darion—that was one of the best things that happened—having a teammate going to the same place.”

You only played for one season, right?

“Yeah—only senior year.”

What made you want to play football?

“It was something I liked to do and when we got a new coach, I had to try it out.”

What sports did you play growing up?

“Basketball, baseball, and football.”

So you weren’t totally starting from scratch with football—it was just the only year you played in HS?


How much do you think playing other sports helped you become a D1 football player?

“I think basketball [helped] me because some [things] you have to adjust to in-game, so if I wasn’t doing something right, I could adjust [quickly.]”

How would you describe your game?

“Versatile and raw.”

What position does FSU see you playing?

“Tight end.”

How was the official visit to Florida State?

“It was a great experience.

The first day we toured the school (all the different things around the stadium).

After that, we went to Cam (Camren McDonald) and Keyshawn’s (Keyshawn Helton) house—then we just rode around, and they showed us different places.”

What were Cam and Keyshawn like?

“Cool dudes—they’re good people to be around.”

What’s Darion like (I assume you will room together at FSU)?

“He [is] laid back—he [doesn’t] say [too] much, but he [is] like a brother to me.”

Which coaches did you speak to?

“Almost every coach when we were watching the “Tour of Duty.”

What’s Coach Thomsen like?

“He’s a cool coach—I can see him being a good coach, and he breaks things down so you can understand easily.”

What about Coach Norvell?

“He’s just like my high school coach—he’s a good coach, and he knows a lot about the game of football; he’s laid back, and I think we could go far through the years.”

Were you able to speak with Coach Dillingham?

Yeah—he was with us almost every day of the visit. He’s a cool, energetic coach.”

What have you been doing during COVID-19?

“Working out at home and doing some running at the track.”

When’s graduation?

“June 13th.”

What’s your goal for next season at Florida State?

“I want to get through my freshman year with all As and Bs.”

How about your entire time at FSU and beyond?

“I [want to] finish college knowing I can have a great life when football’s over.”

Any idea what you want to study in college?


Do you mind explaining why you have an interest in engineering?

“Engineering has a lot to do with math and science and those are things I’m good with.”

What are some things you like to do for fun outside of football?

“Anything outside: walking, sitting, playing basketball, etc...”

Final one: what’s one interesting/unique/funny thing about you people might not know?

“My wingspan [is] 7’3.”