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Larry Simmons addresses Florida State offer

From Coach Woodson’s high school.

Larry Simmons (Twitter)

Larry Simmons is a 6’2 175 pound wide receiver from Moss Point, MS.

The Class of 2022 prospect attends Moss Point High School.

Although he hasn’t been ranked yet, he holds offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ole Miss, and Oregon, so he should be a blue-chip, eventually.

Florida State offered in early April:

TN caught up with Simmons to learn more:

How’d you get the offer and what’d it mean to you?

“I got the offer [from] good film, [and] this means a lot to me—I’m very happy about it and blessed to have gotten this offer from FSU.”

I’m assuming Coach Woodson presented the offer—he attended your school, right?


What’d Coach Woodson say to you?

“Coach Marcus told me he knows I’m a great player, and he really [thinks] I could be [a] playmaker at FSU.”

What do you know about Florida State?

“Basically just everything Coach told me. He broke the program down for me—what you [can] expect by joining the program.”

How comfortable are you with Coach Woodson and could you see yourself playing for FSU based on what he said?

I’m very comfortable with Coach Woodson—he makes me feel like I’m already part of the Noles family—so, [yes], there’s a chance I see myself playing here [and] winning championships.”

What’s your plan as far as visiting Florida State and getting to know more?

“[As] soon as this Dead Period lifts, I plan on making a visit and getting a feel for the campus and [facilities].”

Does the staff see you at WR?

“No mention about [a] position change, so, hopefully, yes.”

How would you describe your game?

“I describe my game as raw talent—like I was born to be a football player. I perform at a high standard and give it my all on the field. If you need a guy who can put the whole team on his back and get the job done, I’m that guy.”

What player(s) do you model your game after?

“Shockingly, Lamar Jackson, [even though I’m] a wide receiver, I still admire Lamar’s explosiveness and craftiness on the field. I look at it as we’re the same player basically. We both can play QB, WR, or RB—just true blood athletes.”

What offer(s) are you most looking forward to getting?

“Honestly, any offer that comes, I’m looking forward to. I grew up a Sooner fan, but I’m just looking for the best program to utilize and display my talents to the best of my abilities.”

When do you hope to have a final decision made?

“As of now, I plan to wait until Signing Day so I can explore all my options, but that’s subject to change.”