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Michael Daugherty describes Florida State offer as “major” and says energy in Tallahassee is “ridiculous”

Rising star.

Michael Daugherty (Twitter)

Michael Daugherty is a 6’0 175 pound athlete from Loganville, GA.

The Class of 2023 prospect attends Grayson High School.

Rising sophomores haven’t been ranked yet, but Daugherty will be near the top when the time comes, as he already holds offers from Arizona State, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kentucky, LSU, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Texas, USC, and Virginia Tech, among many others.

Florida State offered in late January:

TN caught up with the phenom recently to learn more about his recruitment:

You received an offer from Florida State in January—what’d that mean to you?

“It was major—the history and current players. The guys and energy down there is ridiculous—I love it.”

Do you mind telling us a little about your visit in February?

“We walked in, [and] the whole staff greeted me! The whole energy was great—shook everyone’s hand and got measurables done and the people helped [with our] tour. I [also] sat down with Coach Woodson and talked ball!”

And what was the conversation like with Coach Woodson?

“Talking the style I bring, and what Florida State offers, and how he wants to develop me in all aspects, including our relationship even if i don’t go to FSU.”

How do you describe your play?

“I feel positionless in the secondary. I’ve been working harder on understanding my coverages with my head coach, and I’m physical in the slot and quick at the corner, and run the alley at free.”

What player(s) do you model your game after?

“I model my game after people such as Xavier McKinney and Stephon Gilmore. I feel like X [put] his nose in a lot of action over the years at ’Bama and was the most physical safety in the Draft, and that’s [what] most of my film [consists] of.

With Gilmore, he has a lot of patience and doesn’t give up easy access throws, something my coaches and trainers talk about a lot.”

What was it like putting on the Florida State uniform?

“Felt like putting on history and like having a game day [at] Florida State.”

Do you plan to visit FSU again when the Dead Period’s over?

“Of course—I’ve kept [in] contact with coaches, [specifically] Woodson about returning once the NCAA lets up.”

Where else are you hoping/planning to visit?

“Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Auburn, and LSU.”

Finally, what are the biggest things you’re looking for when you’re thinking about attending a college?

“The experiences definitely—they say a lot about college and how it can help define you as a man, or what kind of person you want to be, and I’m all about self exploration in times like these.”