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Florida State football scouting report: FSU signee DJ Lundy

A human wrecking ball.

DJ Lundy/Twitter

Athleticism isn’t something fans would consider lacking at Florida State, but in recent years the same cannot be said for the linebacking corps. It should come as no surprise that new head coach Mike Norvell used his short time on the job to prioritize athletes. Best place to look? The wrestling mat for a 3-time Georgia state wrestling title holder.

DJ Lundy, out of Ocilla, GA, joined the 2020 Seminoles recruiting class just before Signing Day. Lundy was a late bloomer on the national scene that Norvell and Co. beat out Virginia Tech and others for. What is Lundy at FSU? A Mike LB or a hybrid defensive end? At 6’1 and 244 pounds the belief is he could potentially play either.

Let’s take a look at some film.


  1. Pain!

Make no bones about it: Lundy will hit you and hit you hard. This young man plays with incredible leverage (thank you wrestling background) and delivers a heavy-handed strike or knee-buckling blow when he makes contact. It’s exciting to see such ferocity and explosiveness at the point of contact. To top it off, Lundy follows his hands and makes the tackle. I have to admit I like players who have bad intentions on the football field:

2. Sifting through the trash

Linebackers must possess instincts and an ability to read plays in order to make tackles. Playing inside the box, there’s a lot of “trash,” or people in the way of making those reads and getting to the ball carrier. Lundy shows an ability to work through and around blockers while reading the play to make tackles. You see the leverage and power to rip under the linemen in his face and then stop the running back in his tracks:

3. Edge power?

Could Lundy play the “Fox” position in Adam Fuller’s defense? Part of me thinks he can, although I worry about his length. Lundy’s first step beats the tackle up the field, and he shows burst from his stand up stance. Combine that with the power and leverage we’ve seen previously, and it makes some sense to think he could play the “Fox”:

No matter the position, Lundy’s a throwback player who should be a 3-4 year contributor. Lundy was a late, but good pull and has the type of work ethic you want in your locker room.