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Florida State football, recruiting news: White numbers are coming back to Tallahassee

FSU’s home uniforms look like FSU again.

ACC Championship - Duke v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images


The biggest news of yesterday was the FSU Football Twitter account announced that FSU’s home jersey will once again be featuring white numbers. The gold numbers were an immediate miss and while it took longer to correct the home uniforms than it did the road ones at least it got done.

Here’s what CBSSports had to say about James Blackman entering his fourth year in Tallahassee:

I have a lot of respect for Blackman. In his three years in Tallahassee, he’s been shuffled around the two-deep, endured three coaching changes and played behind bad offensive lines. That would be enough to hit the transfer portal and no one would blame him. And yet, here he stands. There’s a lot of hype around incoming freshman Chubba Purdy — Brock’s younger brother — but for now, Blackman’s experience gives him the lead.

Are coronavirus waivers educations or entirely unfair?

It’s not every day that we praise a rival on TN, but today is that day kudos to The Gators.

The Marching Chiefs continue to be awesome:


JUCO Tight end Koby Gross has been offered by Florida State.

The No. 1 running back in 2022 Raleek Brown has been re-offered by Mike Norvell and FSU.

Cedric Baxter, Jr. is a rising sophomore that calls FSU his dream school.

FSU’s edit game has improved tremendously:

Other Sports:

FSU athletes set a record for excelling in the classroom:

Devin Vassell’s game is a perfect fit for today’s NBA and the teams are starting to take notice as we get closer to the NBA Draft:


Cam Akers and Jalen Ramsey will be on your TVs this summer on Sundays; assuming you get HBO: