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Greg Gaines on Florida State, his future

Family and friends love the ’Noles.

Greg Gaines (Twitter)

Greg Gaines is a 6’2 180 pound wide receiver from Tampa, FL.

The Class of 2022 prospect attends Tampa Bay Tech and has a 90 rating (4*) from 247 Sports. They consider him the 207th best player in his class (28th best WR and 31st best player in Florida).

Gaines has offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Kentucky, Miami (FL), Penn State, South Carolina, UCF, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, among others.

He was re-offered by the new Florida State staff in late January, after being offered by Willie Taggart’s staff last June:

TN caught up with Gaines recently to learn more about his recruitment:

What’d the offer from the new staff mean to you, and how’d you get it?

“Coach Fuller stopped by my school and extended the offer. When he told me they were re-offering me, it meant a lot to me—it let me know they liked my work ethic on and off the field and still believed that I could help the FSU program.”

Have you discussed positions with FSU?

“No, sir, not with the new coaching staff, but Coach Dugans [and I] talked a little when I [visited] last summer and earlier this year.”

Do you see yourself as a receiver?

“Yes, sir, I do.”

How do you describe your game?

“I’d describe my game as [an] all-around threat—I have size, and I have good routes to beat faster DBs; and I can go up and get the ball.”

What player(s) do you model your game after?

“I model myself after a couple different WRs, such as Michael Thomas, Julio Jones , and Odell Beckham Jr.

Did you have a favorite team growing up?

“I’ve always been around FSU fans—they’re my pops’ favorite school, and I’ve always watched them.”

Would you consider FSU your leader at this point?

“They’re considered highly thought of in the list of schools I have in mind.”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for in a school?

“It all depends on which one has that at home feeling and best education for me to be great even after my football career—that [could] be a school I already have or may be receiving later in my recruitment.”

Speaking of education: any idea what you want to study in school?

“I want to study business and health. My pops always told me to get a job that will always be needed in the world. I always wanted to start my own business or work high in a business and hospitals will always be needed, so i set my mind to work in the business part of a hospital.”