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Dayne Shor looking forward to visiting Florida State again

OL help on the way?

Dayne Shor (Twitter)

Dayne Shor is a 6’6 295 pound offensive tackle from Alpharetta, GA.

The Class of 2022 prospect previously attended Denmark High School, but in late May, he announced he was transferring to IMG Academy:

Shor is a 4-star on Rivals, but inexplicably, 247 doesn’t have him rated, even though he holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Miami (FL), Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, TCU, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, and Virginia Tech, among others, so he’s well on his way to blue-chip status.

In April, he was offered by Florida State:

TN caught up with the talented lineman recently to learn more:

With whom did you speak when getting the FSU offer and what was that conversation like?

“Coach Alex Atkins gave the offer. It was a great conversation. Coach Atkins told me that he’s talked to a lot of people about me. He said he’s heard a lot of great things about me. He said that I’ll be a great fit for FSU, and the football program.”

What was your reaction to the Florida State offer?

“I was very happy and grateful for the offer—very excited and looking forward to meeting the new coaching staff and [starting] to develop those relationships.”

What’s your relationship like with Coach Atkins?

“The relationship with Coach Atkins has been great. He’s a great o-line coach and definitely very detailed and able to explain things he sees. He’s been great to talk to and really get to know.”

What was the atmosphere like at Doak Campbell Stadium when you visited in the past?

“The atmosphere was great—very cool to be there and get fired up with the fans in the stands. Very loud, and you felt the energy in the stands just getting bigger and bigger. Doak is an awesome place.”

Do you plan to visit Florida State when the Dead Period’s over?

“Yes—we plan to go back and visit again when all this [is] over.”

What other schools do you hope/plan to visit?

“If I could visit all the schools that have offered me, that’d be great, but I know that probably isn’t going to happen. Building relationships is very important to me, and I have developed really good ones so far in the recruiting process.”

You recently announced a transfer to IMG for next season. What precipitated that change and what about that excites you?

“Transferring to IMG is going to bring me a lot, I think. When it comes to competing against the best around, I’ll get that on a daily basis in practice, as well as competing against the best around the country for our games. The national team has an awesome schedule, and I can’t wait to get started and compete against other elite players.”

How do you describe your style of play?

“Balanced and tactical—staying under control, being able to cause chaos for the defense, and being tactical when it comes time to strike the defense and win out on downs and keep the ball moving where we want to go.”

What player(s) do you look up to/model your game after?

Larry Allen, Andrew Thomas, Lane Johnson, [and] Cam Newton, just to name a few.”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for when choosing a college?

“Academic majors, coach/athlete relations, facilities, atmosphere, [and] campus are all important when it comes time to making [my] final decision.”

And when do you hope to have that final decision made?

“Final decision will be made some time next summer-ish probably. Just an estimate with that.”