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7/8 UPDATE: Payton Kirkland offered by Florida State

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Recruiting never stops.

Payton Kirkland (Twitter)

Payton Kirkland is a 6’7 315 pound offensive tackle from Orlando, FL.

The Class of 2023 prospect attends Dr. Phillips High School.

Although rising sophomores aren’t yet ranked, Kirkland has offers from Arizona State, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, South Carolina, and West Virginia, among others.

Thursday morning, he was offered by Florida State:

As always, make sure to get more info by checking out Tomahawk Nation’s recruiting thread.


TN spoke with Kirkland after the offer to learn a few more details:

Who’d you speak to when getting the offer?

“I spoke with Coach Atkins.

What was that conversation like?

“The conversation went smooth, as always, with coach. He spoke with my mom and told her everything before telling me.”

What was her reaction?

“My mom was extremely joyful—FSU is one of my childhood favorites.”

And your reaction?

“I was in shock actually—I felt it was HUGE. I never thought I’d be jn the position I’m in today.”

Stay tuned as we’ll have more with Kirkland soon.