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Catching up with Florida State commit Joshua Burrell

Very impressive young man!

Joshua Burrell (Twitter)

Joshua Burrell is a 6’3 212 pound wide receiver from Blythewood, SC.

The Class of 2021 prospect attends Blythewood High School and has an 88 rating (high 3*) from the 247 Sports Composite List. The sites consider him the 459th best player in America (75th best WR and 3rd best player in South Carolina).

Burrell holds offers from Arizona State, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas State, Louisville, NC State, Nebraska, Penn State, Syracuse, Tennessee, UCF, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, among others.

He received an offer from Florida State on Valentine’s Day:

The South Carolina WR then visited Tallahassee for Junior Day in March and left saying FSU felt like home:

He followed through on those sentiments by committing to the Florida State Seminoles in late May:

TN caught up with the versatile receiver after his commitment to learn more about his background, his recruitment, and his future plans:

What drew you to Florida State in the first place?

“Dream school of mine, and they showed me a bunch of love!”

When you say they “showed a bunch of love,” which coaches did that and how?

“When I first got the offer, the whole staff would FaceTime me once or twice a week, check up on me, and make sure I was gonna get down to campus. Coach Norvell always checks in on me. He made sure to call me on the first day coaches were allowed to call us. I’ve been playing Madden with (Coach) Dillingham and Coach Davis, Coach Tokarz always checks on me. I get on the phone with Coach Dugans once or twice a week. They text me every day!”

Take us behind the scenes of your visit to Tallahassee, if you don’t mind.

“It was my first time on the FSU campus—never met any of the coaches before, but it all just felt natural. Loved the practice that morning—they paid a bunch of attention to the small things. That stood out to me. Then, when we got back from the lunch break, and the coaches found my family and [me], they were with us the whole day. From that point to the end of the basketball game.

Since it was a Junior Day, I was wondering how much time I’d get with them compared to other recruits, but I definitely could tell they were favoring my family and [me]. Priority was definitely felt. I loved the campus, the impressions the coaches made, it all sold me.”

What was the highlight for you, if there was one thing that stood out?

“The highlight I’d say is just realizing they were the spot, and they were the right fit. They continuously reminded me that I was a fit for them and wanted me to hop on board. They were so excited about me that they didn’t want me to leave lol. I didn’t either.”

Do you remember who the basketball team played that night—and what was it like attending a game?

“Boston College—we didn’t see much of the game. We were doing a tour for most of it, but just seeing some of the sports tradition was good!”

Ahh—the game FSU won the ACC title!

“Yes, sir!”

We noticed you and Bryce McGowens going back and forth on social media after your commitment to FSU—do you know him at all as a fellow SC kid? If so, have you talked at all about attending FSU together?

“I’ve never met Bryce, but man he’s a beast on the court! Wish I could hoop like him lol. After I got the offer and visited, he hit me up just saying it’s the moves. Knowing he was an SC guy going to FSU was pretty cool, as well.”

What about Auden Tate (we saw you going back and forth with him, as well)?

“Yeah—he’s a big time WR from the 803 area!! Studied plenty of his game. Big WR. I told him a couple days before I would be committing. He said it’s a big-time decision, and it’s pretty cool to continue SC to FSU.”

Let’s talk about your game a little—how would you describe your style on the field?

“I’m a bigger receiver, but I believe I can do it all. I’m very physical, love contact, but I pride myself in how I can do things like smaller receivers. Might not be 4.3 speed, but I can move, too, and make the big play.”

What player(s) do you look up to/model your game after?

“I’d have to say Michael Thomas, Auden Tate, [and] Julio Jones. I definitely watch smaller guys like Tyreek Hill, too, so I can see how they move around.”

Tell us a little about your family.

“I’m definitely a family man. They’re the most important to me, and I do everything for them. Whenever I get time with my family on both sides, it’s always refreshing. My long-term goal is to just live a successful life and make my family proud.

I have a twin brother, Jordan, and a little brother, Jayden. Jayden is 12 years old. He’s my height going into 7th grade, which is crazy. He keeps me going whether he’s being cool or annoying me—love him either way. Jordan, is my right hand man like I said in the video. We’ve been through everything together, and we continue to push each other all the time. We just want the best for the other. We may have to split ways for college, but we know it’s only for the best.”

What has this time of lockdown been like for you—how have you balanced school/football and how have you been able to ward off potential laziness?

“It’s been a bunch of time at home, working out in the back yard. A lot of Madden, TV shows and movies with family, enjoying cooked meals from parents. It’s been great just having time with them, but [I] definitely miss the daily routine.

I think just about everyone’s sleep schedule has been messed up lol, but I’m definitely getting it back together. Getting up earlier and earlier every day and getting started earlier. I’ve been doing my school work first and then going to workout right after. I asked for some drills from Coach Norvell, I’ve found some of my own, and doing workouts our strength coach gives us.”

What’s the homemade meal you’ll miss the most when you head to college?

“Any pasta meal lol.”

What are your goals for the upcoming season (personal and team)?

“I want a state championship with my brothers. I want to be able to get a ring on my finger and know that we earned it. Then just to personally have the best season I can to help us win.”

Have you thought about goals for your freshman season at FSU, and have the coaches explained what it’ll take for you to play right away?

“I definitely want to EARN my spot! I want to work every day and show them I can be their go-to guy. They told me they’ll be throwing me in the fire when I get on campus, so I look forward to it.”

What are your goals at FSU academically and athletically?

“I want to get my degree and use my free education to the fullest—that’s most important. Then, I want to win a National Championship and bring top 4 and winning tradition back to FSU.”

Have you figured out what you want to study in college, and if so, why are you interested in that?

“I’m looking into business or sports management—I’ve really just liked the business side of things, and I think if I connect it with sports, waking up to work will be easy.”

What was the staff’s reaction when you told them you were committing?

“It’s actually [a] funny story. The whole day I was telling (Coach) Dillingham I wasn’t ready, and I needed more time. Then, I had a FaceTime with them set for that night, and I asked for a spot on the team if they would have me. They were all surprised (Norvell, Dugans and Dillingham) and were all excited for me. Coach Norvell said he’s glad I didn’t lead him the wrong direction, or else he’d be jumping through the phone at me lol.”

Have you built a relationship with any of the current commits?

“Yes, sir—we’ve all got a group chat on iMessage and Instagram. Definitely closest with my QB, though, Luke. Gonna have to get on Madden with him soon.”

And so now what do you feel your role as a recruiter is—do you plan to be vocal and one of the leaders of the class in helping to bring more guys with you?

“Yeah—I do plan on being a heavy recruiter for us.”

You seem 100% on board with FSU—is that safe to say? Is there anything that would sway you?

“100% unless something dramatic happens, like coaching change or any kind of negativity, but I don’t see any of that happening.”

Finally, what’s a fun fact about you people might not know?

“Might not be a fun fact, but I’m a lefty—I think lefties are some of the cooler people.”

What do you do left-handed?