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Cole Shivers grew up a “huge fan” of Florida State football

’Noles first to offer.

Cole Shivers (IG)

Cole Shivers is a 5’10 160 pound cornerback from Scottsdale, AZ.

The Class of 2023 prospect attends Saguaro High School (defensive end target Quintin Somerville also attends SHS).

Shivers is a two-sport athlete who boasts a 4.39 shuttle and a 11.3 100 meter dash.

But he’s not just proficient on the field—he also sports a 3.9 GPA.

In April, he received his first Division 1 scholarship offer, and it was extended by Kenny Dillingham and Florida State:

TN caught up with Shivers shortly after the Seminoles offered to learn more:

How did you receive the offer?

“My head coach just told me to call Coach Dillingham, [so] I called him, and he told me to go onto FaceTime, and he offered and told me he wanted to FaceTime so I could remember his face because it was my first offer.”

I’m sure you won’t forget!

“Definitely won’t.”

So what’d that offer mean to you?

“It meant everything—I’ve been a huge fan of Florida State football since I was a kid watching them go win that national championship with Jameis, so back then I couldn’t imagine them offering me, let alone my first offer.

And not too many freshman are getting offers as big as Florida State, especially because I don’t live in Florida.”

Did Coach Dillingham tell you why he decided to offer you so early?

“He mentioned he was the first to offer Kelee Ringo and Quintin Somerville, and their recruitment has blown up since, and he thought I was of the same talent, and he wanted me to remember who was the first to offer me, as well.”

Are you planning to visit FSU when the Dead Period’s over?

“Definitely thinking about it, not sure yet—I would love to go down there and visit sometime.”

How would you describe your game?

“I feel like my feel for the game is very high considering how old (young) I am. I’m a huge student of the game—I sit up with my coaches and teammates for hours talking to them about football and learning more and more.

I work on my weaknesses all the time—I’m watching my film from my freshman season, and I’m just not the same player now from fixing my weaknesses.”

What would you say those weaknesses are?

“Coming out of my [breaks], getting bigger of course, and getting better in press man because at my old school we rarely did that. Also working on being more patient, and I’ve been practicing that by doing 1v1s against college players, and big-time high school players, so it’s slowed the game down a lot for me.”

Love the honesty—great stuff!

“Thank you.”