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Earl Little Jr. calls Florida State his “childhood dream school”

Another one with great bloodlines.

Earl Little Jr. (IG)

Earl Little Jr. is a 6’0 165 pound cornerback from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Class of 2022 prospect attends American Heritage High School and has a 91 rating (4*) from 247 Sports. They see him as the 155th best player in his class (20th best CB and 21st best player in Florida).

He already has offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Louisville, LSU, Miami (FL), Michigan, Minnesota, NC State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Penn State, Tennessee, USC, Utah, and West Virginia, among others.

In mid-April, he was offered by Florida State:

Little recently committed to the 2022 All-American Bowl:

TN had a chance to catch up with Little recently to learn more:

How’d you receive the Florida State offer, and what’d it mean to you?

“Coach Woodson came to my school earlier in the year to check me out physically—he left that day and told me that he’d be back for me in the spring. So about two weeks ago, my coach had been talking to him, and he wanted me to give him a call, so I called him. He told me that he’s been studying me, and he loves my game and my physical [attributes]. So with that said, he wanted offer me.

It was [a] super exciting moment for me because that had been my childhood dream school watching Jalen Ramsey and all the other dudes, so that really meant a lot to me!”

What’s Coach Woodson like?

“To be honest, he’s the coolest coach I know—super down to earth and real!”

Do you plan to visit FSU when the Dead Period is over?

“Most definitely.”

What other schools are you hoping to visit?

“Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, and Florida.”

How would you describe your style on the field?

“I’m aggressive, I can tackle, and i have tremendous ball skills.”

You mentioned Jalen earlier, so I assume you model your game after him—are there any other guys you look up to?

“Yes—I’m sure you know Asante Samuel (ASJ’s dad)!”

I know you’re tight w/ Marvin Jones, Jr—how much have you talked about playing college ball together?

“Almost every day, to be honest.”

What are the biggest things you’re looking for in a school?

“Somewhere I have a really good relationship with the coaches and that feels like home away from home, and where I can go in and compete for a starting job!”

When do you hope to have a final decision made?

“I want to go through this whole recruiting process, so during my senior season.”