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Florida State football, recruiting news: Will FSU land another blue-chip?

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Whatever you do, don’t step on the logo.

Football - NCAA - Florida State vs. Maryland Photo by Mark Goldman /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images


Between the NCAA, the conferences, the individual schools and their administrators, not to mention the football programs, everyone is scrambling to figure out if football is going to happen this fall. And if so, whether it will be conference-only or not. FSU doesn’t have any normal opener but an ACC-Big12 showdown in Atlanta with West Virginia. The Peach Bowl CEO who runs the game outlines the protocols and options that could allow the two teams to safely play the game. It’s worth your time, as one option could involve swapping out the Mountaineers for an intra-conference opponent.

Meanwhile, the team is just doing what it can — preparing for the season:

In Part 1 Tomahawk Nation looked at the offensive success of FSU’s Dynasty teams. Part 2 covers the defense, and there was plenty of tough competition.

Who said ‘Show and Tell’ was just for kids? Flaunt your FSU swag and memorabilia here.

Though it doesn’t include private schools, FSU topped the ACC in 2019 fiscal year revenue.

Asante Samuel, Jr. made a former Clemson captain’s top five cornerbacks in the ACC:

Coming from an All-Pro pedigree, it’s no surprise Samuel, Jr. is #good. Will his lack of size impact his game at the next level? For now, it’s enough to enjoy watching him show off his skills.


The TN Recruiting thread has over 100 articles linked to interviews and offers for Tribe21 and beyond.

2022 defensive tackle prospect Easton Harris Jr. picked up an offer from Florida State.

Jake Johnson, one of the sons of FSU alumnus Brad Johnson, is a tight end in the 2022 class and he had some things to say about Florida State.

2022 four-star safety Keon Sabb interviewed with and mentioned that FSU is keeping in touch with him...Tomahawk Nation interviewed Sabb back in May.


Other Sports:

Five-star guard Matthew Cleveland will be announcing his commitment today at 3pm, and FSU has a real shot:

That’s not all. 6’4 combo-guard Jordan Riley will decide on Friday between Kansas, FSU, Georgetown, St. John’s, and UConn (he may or may not have a committable offer from the ’Noles).

Highlighting some FSU baseball commits:


Charlie Ward is on the board for Florida high school athletics:

Whatever you do, don’t step on the logo: