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Florida State signee analysis: Defensive end Byron Turner scouting report

A lean, mean sacking machine.


Today, the Florida State Seminoles added a needed piece to their defensive line group: three-star defensive end Byron Turner out of Louisiana.

Turner is a long, lean 4-3 DE that DE coach John Papuchis needs desperately. The Florida State offer was one that Turner was “pumped” about and the FSU staff closed the deal.

Let’s dive into the tape, breakdown Turner’s game and highlight his on-field traits and tendencies.

Scouting Report

Flip the hips

The first clip of Turner’s highlight tape is a play where he is able to flip his hips and blow by a tackle. What do I mean by flip his hips? Well, when he gets parallel with the offensive tackle, he opens his hips up, executes a semi-rip move (pass rush moves need some work), and then bursts/bends the hoop to sack the quarterback. These are the traits you look for in a good pass rusher and Turner checks all of the boxes on the first play.

A good first step allows Turner to gain advantage on the tackle then he allows his athleticism to do the rest. Being loose in the hips should allow Turner to develop more pass rushing skills as he gets into the college game.

Finally, Turner possesses serious length from the end position. You love a DE who can use their long arms to disrupt passing lanes or, in the case of this play, pluck the QB off the ground. This is also a benefit in the pass rush department because Turner can now keep tackles from engaging his chest.

Bend and Run

A drill that Turner will work almost daily is running the hoop (or ring). The coaches will put a giant ring in the field and defensive ends will work on bending their way around that ring at full speed. As a defensive end you must be able to sink your hips, lean into the bend and work under and around the offensive tackle. Eventually, the drill progresses to working a figure eight. You see on the following play that Turner possesses the ability to sink his hips, lean, and get by the offensive tackle. This just shows another great pass rushing trait.

You will see at times a DE fall down when doing this or get run up the field. It is good to see Turner finish a play like this because it shows the physical ability to win on the edge. A player who lacks this ability will get washed by the QB or fall down.

Good hips? Check.

Athleticism? Check.

Mobile, Hostile, Versatile

The most valuable pass rushers in football are the ones who can play outside and inside. Here is a video of Turner lining up inside and making plays. I wonder how much weight his frame can hold and if he could be a player who plays inside on a rush package. These are questions that will get answered in time but it is good to see that Turner can play multiple spots along the DL. I believe his initial position will be at the “Fox”.

As for the play itself, just take a look at Turner’s length in action. This is a difference-making physical trait. Additionally, you see toughness, effort, and physicality all in one play.

Player comparison

One player that came to mind immediately when watching Turner was former Florida State and San Fransisco 49ers end Tank Carradine. If Turner can put on the size (Carradine was 270), they could have very similar games.

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